JIFU -travel with a discount of up to 80% and earn while traveling


Traveling is common these days, so why pay full price for a hotel when you can save big! This opportunity will change your life, make your dreams come true!

Are you tempted to travel more often? Do you want to save significantly on travel? How about working from anywhere, anytime, enjoying life, meeting new great people and earning some money? Or big money! Everything is up to you! I will tell you about a great opportunity that I got as a travel influencer and it is quite new. Everyone has the same chance, and now the chance is huge. It is important to be in the right place at the right time, and this time has just come. What do you need for this job? Computer, phone and internet. It is good to be communicative and active. And know someone who likes to travel and would like outrageous, even downright overwhelming discounts on travel (up to 80%). Do you know someone like that? Yes, it will probably be everyone you know :) So there will be no problem with earning. Let's go.

What kind of opportunity is this?

JIFU is an American company that operates a travel platform that allows you to travel at wholesale prices and save big on:

- accommodation

- flight tickets

- cruises

- car rentals

- experiences

It would probably be a good idea to say that JIFU is not just about travel. It has 4 different divisions, you can choose just one or all of them. I chose only traveling because that is my lifestyle and I love it. The second division is also beauty products (high-end cosmetics, dietary supplements), the next division is education (personal career development, cryptocurrency, social media, digital marketing, video editing, drop shipping and others, as you know, such courses are very expensive, here you have them included) and the last one is Forex, if you are interested in trading with currency rates.

In the coming days, the application will also be launched so that you can browse the favorable offers anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone. Just for idea. Yesterday I looked for hotels in Prague and the biggest discount was 51%, in a 4* hotel. A friend saved $500 for a night in Paris in a luxury 5*! Evidence here (print screens from the system):

How are such discounts possible?

JIFU can offer these discounts thanks to the use of algorithms that identify unsold capacity from various travel service providers. And for most companies, it pays to sell their capacity (room, plane ticket, rent a car) at a discounted price, rather than not selling it at all. Other travel portals where you usually book hotels increase the prices by their commissions to make money. JIFU does not increase the prices from the hotel database, it offers them to you at a wholesale price. But it's not for everyone. The portal is not public and is only for serious interested parties who really want to save or earn money on travel.

Should it happen that you find accommodation cheaper somewhere, JIFU will pay you 110% of the price as compensation. That's fair, right?

How does it work?

Does it sound too good to be true? If any of you do not believe that it is possible to travel at cheaper prices, I can send you a monthly entry to the portal for a trial (Free Trial). But it is limited. Unlike JIFU associates, you won't see the deep discounts that we do and you won't see all the options like flights and cruises. You can, for example, look at hotels or car rental companies, and even in this trial version it is possible to order a vacation for yourself with a discount. You are not signing any contract, you are not committing to anything. After logging in, you have instant access to a database of more than a million hotels and resorts worldwide. The database of hotels is constantly expanding.

Try the trial version of the portal at this address: Trial by Hamiczech, the number of my Free Trials per month is limited, so don't delay too long. But if you want a real discount and you're not satisfied with "only" the 20-30% that you see in Free Trial, write to me which destination you want to go to and I'll send you a print screen of the discounts I see so you can compare that we can work together with JIFU it will definitely pay off.

How to start a travel business?

For those of you who want to start a business and only discounts on vacations are not enough for you, you want to earn money on travel, have free vacation vouchers and other bonuses every year, a reward program is built. Some types of commissions are paid weekly, so if you need money fast, this is the business for you. Basically, it's about telling people about this great opportunity that they can save on travel and their vacations by shopping where someone rewards them for it and not paying extra money unnecessarily.

A lot of people have loyalty cards for various stores, and it is thanks to them that they go shopping there to get a discount and a bonus for their purchase. It's similar here. They get an instant discount on their stay and they also get points for their purchases, which they can use in the form of another discount to buy another vacation. They save and you earn by telling them about this option. JIFU invests this money in you instead of advertising on TV or on the Internet. You are its advertisement. Personal good experience sells best.

You all know someone who loves to travel. And that he wouldn't want to save on his holidays? That would be stupid! :) So easy earnings for you, everyone wants discounts. Other rewards for business partners are various incentive trips, bonus commissions, worldwide conferences, education, etc. There will be a lot and it will be worth it!

My opinion

As you can see, anyone can do business with JIFU, and with only a small initial investment. If you were to start your own business, the investment would be hundreds of thousands. You would have to rent space, buy goods, hire staff, start advertising. I know this from my own experience, I have been in business for 20 years. You don't need any of that here. All you need is a computer, mobile phone and internet. You can work anytime and from anywhere, for example from home or from the beach (I can already see myself there :) For now, you can have it as an additional income to your job, and with the money you earn, you can travel more often. Or buy something that you dream of, but can't afford. Yet! I like the freedom here, I couldn't be employed and work from - to, it's just not for me. That's why I'm in business. And I'm always looking for new possibilities. In today's uncertain times, it is better to have income divided into several segments, because you never know which one will suddenly fall, covid was enough for me, which almost killed my main business.

The great thing is that it is a virtual product, JIFU operates worldwide. I deal with buying and selling physical goods. When I go on vacation, there is no one to send the goods for me, so I lose income and customers. That won't happen to me with JIFU. I'm not saying it's free money, there's no cake without work and nothing is ever free! But it's not such a difficult job. If you want to earn, you have to tell your acquaintances, friends, colleagues, people who follow you on social networks about cheaper travel. Surely you know someone who likes to travel. And even the rich want to save!

Summary - I like the online product (because I assume there will be a really big interest in it), the reward system, and last but not least, I am grateful for the group of people I have met thanks to JIFU in the meantime, they are entrepreneurs, influencers, but even completely ordinary people who simply don't enjoy the current life anymore - toiling to the point of exhaustion and getting almost nothing out of it. They want to fulfill their dreams, they want to financially secure their children, they want to travel without limits. Don't worry, we will help you! All beginnings are hard. But persevere, the reward will come! I didn't become an influencer overnight either.

To conclude, I will use one quote: "Only 1% of people are successful because they do what 99% of people don't want to do." And what about you? When are you going to stop making excuses that you can't afford a luxury hotel? It's up to you. After all, I am not forcing you to be rich, to be able to travel as you want and to be able to buy what you want. Either you want. Or not :) As you can see on my social networks, I travel all the time because I know where to shop. And I usually only visit 4* and 5* hotels. Want them for free? So do something about it!

So I'm going for it, I want to earn money traveling!

Who will form a dream team with me? I am waiting for your emails with questions!

Take a look at the pdf slide show, you might like it more than my essay :)

I will send the reward system to serious interested parties by email. And you will love it!

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