Travel with huge discounts or earn by traveling


I will share with you how to travel cheaply, how to make money by traveling and how to have a holiday voucher every year

What is it about?

Traveling has been a huge passion of mine since childhood. But how to do it so that a person can travel more and it doesn't ruin him?

In 2023, I came across a new online travel opportunity, which has since spread to almost every country in the world. I discovered the secret to travel smart by becoming an independent travel agent from home. This opportunity to own my own travel franchise allowed me to turn my passion for travel into an income. Now I travel more than ever and I can show you how to create this lifestyle too.

Did you know that every time you book a hotel through a booking site, you pay a commission in addition to your accommodation? When you join us and become an independent travel agency, you earn this commission when you order travel services! Imagine booking all the stays for your loved ones and other travelers while earning commissions from their travel.

Whether you dream of becoming a virtual travel agent full-time, part-time, or even interested in joining our marketing team and introducing this fantastic opportunity to other travelers, rest assured that this business is incredibly flexible and adaptable to your unique needs. You can work anytime and from anywhere. You will be financially rewarded for your diligence and results. You don't need to create a website, the system already exists and you will get full access to it if you decide to cooperate with us.

Sounds great, right? Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you either by email or set up an online meeting via Zoom to provide more details on how this business works and how it can fit beautifully into your lifestyle and bring you a world of benefits. Of course you can ask.

If you're looking for a career in travel with a tight-knit community of passionate travelers and entrepreneurs, you've come to the right place. We offer booking technology, support, global connections, education, mentoring, webinars, conferences, incentive tours, compensation and more.

Join our team, fill in the contact form and we will contact you

Why join us

Increase your income

Earn commissions for every stay booked or for acquiring a new business partner. Turn your passion for travel into a flexible source of income.

Be your own boss

Your business, your journey. Take the opportunity to grow your home business. Work whenever you want and from wherever you want. Improve your standard of living.

Community support

Part of this business is access to online courses and education. In addition, you will also get your own mentor who will communicate with you personally and help you.


How should I start?

If you have decided to join us, please contact me at or the form above and I will guide you through the process of setting up your own company. If you think you can do it yourself, you can register directly through my virtual office here: . Click on Become an Affiliate and follow the instructions. If you want to view the travel portal, click on Friends and Family Access (Free Trial), and you will get a month's access to the travel portal for free. Even in this Free version you can buy a stay for yourself with a discount, but you can see the comparison there that the discount is bigger in the VIP version, so it depends only on you if you join us or if this discount will be enough for you.

How fast can I get started?

You can start immediately. You just need to contact us to give you basic training about the system (your virtual office) and most importantly to get access to the system. How quickly you earn then depends entirely on you. Most commissions are paid weekly.

I have a full time job, is this extra income for me?

Most of the team work full-time, in a variety of industries. There are no targets or quotas, so make it whatever works for you and fits your lifestyle.

Do I need to have social networks with a large number of followers?

No, you don´t! Many people build their entire travel business on friends and family bookings and word of mouth. But of course it can be an advantage. You can also pay for cheap ads on social networks to reach a wider audience, today everyone likes to travel, and everyone will certainly be happy for a discount or the possibility of earning.

How much does it cost to start your own virtual travel agency?

We won't lie to you, the benefits, even starting a business, are not free. Never and nowhere. You always need to put some investment in your business to start so that you can earn money afterwards. However, here you can start your own business with really minimal costs. If you just want to travel cheaply and get benefits for your travels, entry is $100 or $250 (the higher amount is a voucher for a vacation of your choice each year for local fees only). If you want to do business, there is a one-time payment of $250 - $2500 to set up your personal home office. The higher the entry, the higher the commission, more education, more holiday vouchers. I will send what is in which entry package by email upon request. At any time it is possible to switch to a higher level just by paying the difference. In addition, a monthly sum of $36 is contributed to the running of the company and the travel portal, which is constantly expanding with new hotels around the world. Thanks to this fee, the company does not increase its margins on hotels and we can travel cheaply. And have a holiday voucher every year. The maximum earnings you can achieve here is $250,000 per week. Yes, you read that right.

How are commissions paid?

There are several types of commissions. Some are paid weekly, others monthly. Some are one-time, some are constant. They are collected in your e-wallet and then you can have them sent to your account. Stays, fees, transition to a higher level of business partner, etc. can also be paid from commissions.

Is this a network marketing company?

There are two separate businesses here, namely the travel business and the marketing business. When you join the travel business, you book vacations for yourself and others and earn travel commissions. It's so simple! There is also an option to join a marketing business and recommend this cheap travel and earning opportunity to other people so they can also earn from traveling. This is a completely separate business opportunity and additional source of income. If you would like to learn more about the marketing business, we can discuss in detail how this business works.

So my question is: Will you go into the travel business with me? Make your dreams come true and travel like me, I'm already making my dreams come true as you can see on my social media.




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