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I would like to share with you my travel experiences and tips what beautiful places to visit, where to stay or where to eat well. I also test various fashion and sports news for you.

You can find more photos and other tips on Instagram @hamiczech (109K followers).

I provide promotional service to hotels, travel agencies, restaurants. I share content on this blog in Czech and English language, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and in reviews on Google and Tripadvisor. I have also experience with mystery shopping if you want to improve your services.

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Replace your old heavy suitcases with these designer lightweight ones from the Czech brand Avancea

Enjoy The Wood


If you're a travel lover like me, this gorgeous wooden 3D wall map is a must have!

Crazy Idea


I chose this luxury Italian sports brand of outdoor clothing because of its action-oriented atypical design, I only discovered other advantages later. BE CRAZY too!