Crazy Idea


I chose this luxury Italian sports brand of outdoor clothing because of its action-oriented atypical design, I only discovered other advantages later. BE CRAZY too!

Shop in Prague: Crazy Idea, Vršovická 1525/1c, Praha 10 - Vršovice, Czech Republic

Opening hours: Mo - Fr 10 - 18 h.


About the Crazy Idea brand

The Crazy brand was founded by Valeria Colturi. Valeria was born in the alpine town Bormio. Even as a child, she dreamed of designing clothes. Her passion was ski mountaineering, but since it was a very expensive sport that her family did not have the finances for, she decided on cross-country skiing. She even won the Italian Junior Championship. And she had to decide if she wanted to be a professional athlete or return to her dream of designing sportswear. She chose design. Already at the age of 20, she opened her first boutique in her hometown of Bormio. Her first customers were her friends, and not just any! These were elite athletes of various mountain sports, such as Deborah Compagnoni (three-time Olympic champion in alpine skiing) or Alberto Tomba (Olympic champion and world champion in alpine skiing)! And they came to her with specific requirements for their outdoor clothing. With the emergence of new mountain sports, such as skitouring (skiing in open terrain without mountaineering equipment, instead of mountains, you simply have skis) and skyrunning (extreme mountain running, where an altitude of at least 2000 m is overcome, the climb reaches at least 30% and the difficulty does not exceed 2. degree of mountain climbing classification of difficulty), athletes came to her with a request for help, that there is no suitable clothing for these extreme disciplines. Together with them, she developed technical solutions for running in these extreme races and the first overalls for these sports were born. And here came the real Crazy twist. Thanks to these experiences, she started designing clothes for those who want to live in the mountains every day. It mainly focused on functionality and comfort so that customers can experience the mountains efficiently, quickly and easily - Fast & Light approach. She also wanted to stand out from the crowd - why should mountain clothes only be in boring dark colors? She bet on colorful patterns. And thus gained customers all over the world, both among professional athletes and hobby athletes. That's how she got me too. The clothes are so beautiful that I not only go to the mountains in them! So ladies and gentlemen, step out of line and be seen! Be Crazy!

What range does Crazy Idea offer and for whom

Crazy Idea specializes in selling highly functional and at the same time stylish outdoor clothing and equipment especially for runners and ski alpinists. Which sports are quite extreme physically. But I dare to say that every athlete who does sports outdoors will use the clothes. So you can shine in the gym too, right, but you probably won't fully test the quality of extreme outdoor materials there. At most, your comrades will praise you for your style. But whether you ride a bike, walk in the mountains or ski, you will certainly appreciate the products. You can read what materials you can find under this brand on their website, and there are a lot of them, each one is something special. I'm not a professional athlete, just a hobbyist, however, I also want to be warm and dry on the mountains, not carrying anything heavy, have freedom of movement and look stylish, you don´t?

Clothing is for both women and men and the range includes: t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, jackets, shorts, trousers, skirts, dresses, functional underwear, vests, headbands, hats, neck warmers, gloves, socks, running belts. Well, I guess there's a lot to choose from, right? :) You can even match head to toe into one design.

Hamiczech is testing

I will gradually add personal experience with the products below, from different sports.

Crazy T-shirt Kinsej Woman Pink


Crazy short sleeve t-shirt with a very special cut on the back with 4 side pockets. Reflective elements improve visibility in case of night trips. Flatlock seams are a common standard. Back glued. The T-shirt is ideal for running, cycling or in the mountains, and as an undershirt for skiing, cross-country skiing or skiing.

Hamiczech's personal experience:

I chose the T-shirt because of my favorite combination of black and hot pink. It has a beautiful design. I use such T-shirts either for exercise in the gym (dance, pilates, body form), for cycling or for hiking or snowboarding. I tested this on the mountains. The t-shirt is made of very pleasant material on the body, it does not constrict anywhere. Even though it was only 14 degrees, together with the sweatshirt (tested below), I was warm enough when moving, and I originally thought I would freeze, normally in such low temperatures I wear a proper jacket, preferably a fur coat :) The T-shirt is also very light (0.098 kg), great for travel, takes up no space, let alone weight. You can just rinse it lightly on the go, it dries quickly. I will also try the shirt as a ski bottom layer in the winter, I expect it will keep me warm and dry.

Pull Oxygen Light Woman Doodles


Crazy women's lightweight sweatshirt for alpine hiking. Extra powerful second layer designed for hiking activities in high mountains and for mountaineering. This product is the result of research and the use of Fast & Light technology. The characteristic distinguishing feature is a modern cut, great technical properties and beautiful color patterns with a kaleidoscopic reflective effect. The Stretch Series fabric is combined with graphene microfiber, which significantly improves thermoregulation. The sweatshirt has two zipped pockets, a hood with an elasticated hem and extended sleeves with a thumb hole. The weight is only 0.29 kg.

Hamiczech's personal experience:

As I wrote above, in combination with a t-shirt, I wore it in autumn in the forest while picking mushrooms, so I moved, but not too fast, and even though it was only 14 degrees, I wasn't cold, but I wasn't hot either, I was fine pleasantly. I had to have my softshell jacket tied around my waist because I was already hot in it. I didn't believe I wouldn't freeze in those thin materials, but I really didn't, and I wasn't even cold. You will appreciate the materials even more during a normal uphill climb. The great thing about Crazy is that you can match from head to toe. In the same Doodles design, you can also buy socks, a headband, a neckerchief, shorts, short or long elastics and T-shirts. I would like to point out that the sweatshirt actually has much more pronounced colors than in the manufacturer's photo, and it looks even better, you can check it in my photos. 

Short Wonder Magic Woman Doodles


When Crazy talks about technical pieces of an exclusive style that is very close to the world of fashion, it is clear that these short elastics are in question. They are the epitome of shorts with technical features for leisure activities combined with a unique design that you won't find in other sports brands. They are absolutely unbeatable. Revolutional is a fabric made in Italy that is printed in such a way that it looks like you are wearing classic denim shorts. Each piece is hand cut to match the prints and seams perfectly. It fits perfectly on the body, and the pattern optically slims wide hips and thighs. They have a comfortable elastic waist and the lower part of the leg is laser cut.

Hamiczech's personal experience:

I chose these shorts because they make me slimmer. Even if you have wider thighs, hips and butt, you will look good in them. They are also in a long version. They are fully elastic and the pattern really shapes perfectly, and they look like jeans at first glance. They are from the same collection as the sweatshirt above, so they match. All the pockets, the tabs and the button are fake, it's just a print, but they look lifelike, don't they? Quality optical illusion. There is a rubber band in the waist. Extremely comfortable with every movement. You'll be a star on the mountains, but it's also suitable for the city. Again, thin, light (0.176kg), takes up almost no space in your suitcase or purse, dries quickly and does not need to be ironed, I love low maintenance materials like this!

Skort Exit Woman Pop


Short sports skirt with sewn-in shorts. Emphasis on femininity during leisure and outdoor activities is one of the other ideas in the creation of the Crazy women's collection. The skirt is made of elastic material Endurance Light and the inner pants are made of Italian fabric Revolutional Slim, which is known for its micro-massage effect, which significantly reduces the "orange peel" effect. Skort Exit has a comfortable high elastic waist, two open front pockets. If you don't like pink, it is also made in two shades of blue (i.e. black and blue).

Hamiczech's personal experience:

What? Shorts in a skirt against cellulite? I will even sleep in it! :) Again, my favorite black and pink combination, the skirt perfectly masks wide thighs, hips and butt, great cut. I love sewn-in panties, if you have the same problem of rubbing your inner thighs against each other in skirts, that won't happen here, so the skirt is great even in the biggest pairs. Lightweight, only 160 g. There is an elastic band at the waist. The material is thin, rustling, dries quickly. 2 pockets on the front. The seams are in a light lilac color, they match beautifully. It is advisable to fold the skirt a little culturally, the material shrinks a little. I highly recommend not using an iron on it, max. vertical steam, you will destroy the material with a hot iron or make unsightly smudges on it. It is enough to moisten the skirt slightly and let it hang. The skirt is sporty, but I wear it everywhere all summer, even around town, thanks to the sewn-in shorts. It is very comfortable and decent. 

This was the summer collection, you have to wait a little longer for the winter collection. But I'm really looking forward to it.