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Do you want to be in harmony with nature in your own garden? Visit this glamping site in the beautiful nature of the Hostyn Hills in our Czech Rep.

Address: Tripeek Morava, Dedina 303, Chvalcov, Czech Republic


Web is also in English.

Tripeek Morava

If you live in a block of flats or simply want to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and enjoy accommodation without people, glamping is the ideal accommodation option for you. Tripeek Morava is located in the Zlín Region, in the village of Chvalčov, in the beautiful nature of the Hostýn Hills.

This glamping is owned by a young couple, very pleasant and helpful. We were here just in time for Halloween and I appreciate the stylish spooky decoration. I suppose there is a themed decoration whenever there is a holiday. Parking is right next to the house in the garden, you even get a remote control for the gate, so you don't have to worry about your car. You will walk through the garden to the end where Tripeek is located. You have your own garden, separated by a fence on all sides, so if you wanted to bring a pet, you can.

You can visit this glamping all year round. Inside there is a powerful air conditioner that cools in summer and warms in winter. Electricity is therefore logically brought to Tripeek, so you can light and charge normally. There is no wifi or TV to give you a break from the digital world. Water for washing hands and dishes is in barrels. The separate toilet is right in the glamping, that was something for blondes :) Before I figured out how to use it, I'd rather write it here. So you have to sit on it (even men) so that the back of the bowl opens and the paper is thrown into it. You don't have to worry, the toilet is scented and separated by a door, it doesn't smell. There is no bathroom with a shower inside, it would not fit in there. But as part of glamping, you get the keys to your own bathroom, which is in the basement of the owners' house, towards Tripeek, it has its own entrance and there is already a normal flush toilet, sink and shower. Towels are provided, as are soap and shower gels, even makeup remover pads. Dehumidifiers are installed and it normally heats up here. And the bathroom is really beautiful, like in a luxury hotel.

Let's go back to Tripeek, what you can find in it. I recommend not taking too many things with you, there is not much space inside. I would also not recommend the stay to people who have a problem with mobility. The stairs to Tripeek are quite high and you still have to climb the ladder to the bed.

Tripeek is for two. Open the door and you will find yourself in the hall, which is connected to the living room and the kitchen. There is a hanger with hangers, which actually serves as a wardrobe, since there is no other storage space. In the lower part you will find comfortable plush slippers for two, blankets, a wicker basket if you want to go for mushrooms, board games, books, a first aid kit and a hand vacuum cleaner. Behind the door there is also a coat rack, a spoon for shoes and a flashlight. It will certainly come in handy if you go to the bathroom in the dark.

To the left of the huge window you will find two comfortable armchairs and a table, and there is a piece of carpet to keep your feet from getting cold. A welcome drink (champagne and water), peanuts and Pringles will surprise you on the table. Thank you very much, it was a really pleasant surprise. So make yourself a cup of coffee or a good cup of tea, relax in a chair and enjoy the view outside. Save the champagne for later, it will still come in handy, you'll find out why in a moment.

To the right is a kitchen, where you could also cook in an emergency, and a separate toilet separated by a door, a sink, soap, a towel, a mirror and a small basket. There was even a comb and nail file packed in here. Then there was some small stone roller (which looked a bit like a razor blade) where we didn't understand what it was for, maybe the owners will give me some advice after reading it and adding the info :)

What's in the kitchen? Well that's enough! Refrigerator, basket, sink, sponge with detergent, cloth and paper towels, electric single-burner stove, kettle, cutting board, grater, cutlery, plates, pans, scissors, wine opener, straws, selection of teas, instant coffee, muesli, oil, salt, pepper, canned beans, oatmeal, nutella, long-life croissants, different kinds of glasses, mugs, bowls, pots. The interesting thing is that the fridge is not empty. It's full of goodies, just for you! You will find eggs, fruit yogurts, jams, butter, honey, pâtés, cola, juices, milk, coffee cream, beer. If you forget to take some food with you, you won't die of hunger here, but I recommend bringing especially pastries. And what you like to eat, of course. If you didn't have time to buy in advance, there are two grocery stores in the village, where you can buy pastries, sausages or meat for barbecue and everything else. Or you can visit one of the local restaurants. We had lunch at Hostýn, so I can't help you with the selection of local pubs.

Opposite the front door is a ladder with rougher rungs. After it, you get under the roof, where you can sleep - a comfortable mattress, a bedside table. You can't stand up here, but you can kneel straight, it's not like you're only a few cm above you and hit your head. Sweets and a handwritten note were waiting for us on the bedside table, just like in a 5* hotel.

And what do you find outside? You have a stylish terrace with luxurious garden furniture (in the summer also with sunbeds), with a fireplace, including coal and wood.

And the highlight is something you might not expect, namely - a hot tub. This is where you will use the champagne. The hot tub is heated and can be used even on colder days. It has towels ready and the surroundings are very nicely decorated so that you feel comfortable and can relax in peace.

Now we go on trips. What can you visit nearby?

Tips for trips

St. Hostyn

The nearest trip. It takes 10 minutes by car, about 7 km. You can drive all the way to the top, but be careful, access is limited. First, you must stop in Bystřice pod Hostýnem on Jeřabinova Street in a large parking lot (by the cemetery), where there is a parking machine on the bottom right, bright orange with the inscription - Permits to Hostýn. Here you have to buy a ticket for 100 CZK, then you don't have to pay at the top. You must write your license plate number on the ticket, otherwise it is invalid, they check it above. The machine issues 50 permits daily before 1 p.m. and 50 permits after 1 p.m. If you don't fit in, you have to take the bus or walk. Payment can only be made in cash (coins and banknotes). Then you return a short distance to the bend with the no-entry sign, and drive into it (Hostýnská Street).

Hostýn is a hill 736 m high and it is an important pilgrimage site. In 2018, the area was declared a national cultural monument of the Czech Republic. The complex includes the baroque Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Dušan Jurkovič's Stations of the Cross, an observation tower, hostels for pilgrims, 2 restaurants and a cafe. Around the steps to the church there are also many stalls with souvenirs or fast food. According to archaeological findings, Hostýn was home to a vast prehistoric fort. I recommend dressing well, it was quite windy up there.

Kelčský Javorník lookout tower

You can reach this lookout tower from Tripeek by walking along the yellow sign. It's 4,8 km and you should get there in about an hour and twenty minutes. It is located at an altitude of 865 m. Kelčský Javorník is the highest mountain in the Hostýnské vrchy. The observation tower is 35 m high. The modern, oval-shaped building has no perimeter walls and is supposed to resemble a clock. The observation tower is free and is open all year round. Unfortunately, we didn't make it, so maybe next time.

Zbrašov aragonite caves

They are located approximately 20 km from Tripeek, less than half an hour by car. If you have bad weather, an ideal choice. It's not even very cold in the caves, the temperature is around 14 degrees. If you come from the highway through the town of Hranice, you will pass through Teplice nad Bečvou (a spa town with healing springs), where the caves are located. So it's not bad to stop here on the way to Tripeek or on the way home. The parking lot is by the railway station (right next to the main road that passes through Teplice), you cannot go directly to the caves or the spa. There is a machine in the parking lot, I recommend having cash (coins). From the parking lot, you walk through the spa park around the Bečva river, across the bridge and across the colonnade. You walk about 1 km, about 15 minutes. The entrance to the caves is in a mound above the spa.

The Zbrašov Aragonite Caves are a national natural monument for the protection of a hydrothermal karst area of European importance, which has no equivalent in the Czech Republic. Thermal water with a high carbon dioxide content springs up deep here. It was this acid lake that shaped the entire karst area, and thanks to it, there are spas here, since the 16th century. Diseases of the circulatory system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, obesity (even in children) are treated here, and oncology patients are also helped.

The caves are part of the Hranice Karst, which also includes the Hranice miss (Hranicka propast) - the deepest flooded freshwater cave in the world. The interior decoration of the caves is made up mainly of calcium carbonate, which crystallizes here in 2 modifications: calcite and rarer aragonite. The geyser stalagmites here are unique in the world.

The tour lasts about 45 minutes, depending on the number of people. Detailed information can be found on the website

You can also find many other trips on Tripeek's website. I'll just mention that you can book a horse ride or drive to Roznov pod Radhostem to the Wallachian open-air museum, which is really very nice, but it is an outdoor attraction, so you have to hit the weather, there is also a unique Jurkovic lookout tower above the open-air museum. You can also visit the ZOO in Lesna near Zlin with children, or there are several chateaux and castles in the vicinity. Or you can go for a walk in the hills. To each according to his taste.

Well, that's all friends. Thank you very much to the owners of Tripeek Morava for allowing me to visit their stylish accommodation and for being able to write this article for you.

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