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If you're a travel lover like me, this gorgeous wooden 3D wall map is a must have!

They ship maps worldwide. Want a 10% discount? Click on the link www.enjoythewood.com and write the password: hamiczech10 in the box Discount code or gift card when paying.

About Enjoy The Wood

Since 2014, Enjoy The Wood has been helping its customers turn dreams into reality. Their mission is to make the world a better place by bringing joy, natural beauty and inspiration into people's homes, offices and lives. They devoted a lot of effort to the production of wooden maps. They are made of birch plywood of the highest quality. From the first cut to the last brush stroke to packaging, they strive to provide us with the best. Founder Igor Fostenko has come a long way, from a homeless teenager to a successful business owner, husband and father of four. His family story is a testament to what determination, willpower and faith can do. Enjoy The Wood is exactly that - a unique story. They make things that inspire people to travel, learn and explore. Their wooden world maps aren't just something pretty to stick on the wall. It's about the journey each of us takes, important and unique, no matter if it's big or small.

Enjoy The Wood is an Ukrainian family business that, despite the war, continues to produce unique 3D wooden maps, known all over the world. In 2014, Igor Fostenko and his wife decided to start a business. They produced custom engravings and interior decorations. About a year after founding Enjoy The Wood, the Fostenks decided to expand their product range. They started making wooden beard combs, which were a huge success especially in the USA. Then they also focused on other wooden accessories such as glasses, watches and kitchen utensils.

Igor was not satisfied with his blank wall in his office. When he thought about what he would make for it, he looked for inspiration in the world's e-shops located directly in Google Maps. And that's when the idea to make a wooden modular world map for the wall was born. The company started producing maps in 2016, but they did not catch on in the domestic market, they were more luxurious goods.

The situation changed two years later after a successful campaign on Kickstarter (an American internet platform for crowdfunding projects that supports creative projects in the fields of film, games, music, art and technological innovation). It was supposed to act as another PR channel to get more people to know about the company. The plan was to raise $15,000. In the end, they got over 100,000.

Today, the company has several hundred employees and over a hundred thousand satisfied customers worldwide.

And the company is quite famous worldwide. Magazines like Forbes, Elle Decor, Newsweek, The Guardian, The New York Times, Reader's Digest, Idnes and others wrote about Enjoy The Wood.

What the e-shop offers

In the e-shop you can choose from several types of maps - 2D wooden world maps, 3D wooden world maps (in different shades of wood or multicolor), framed maps, 3D wooden maps with LED backlighting, colored wooden maps (gray, blue, purple, for example fine-tuned to their interior), wooden maps pasted on transparent plexiglass, and glow-in-the-dark maps are also planned. You can also buy various sets that include photo frames or pins with flags for a discounted price.

In addition to global maps, you can also find wooden posters of several world cities with infrastructure, regional maps (for example, only Europe or only the USA), and various accessories, such as pins to mark where you have already been, I recommend the badges with national flags, they are the best . Or wooden photo frames.


The eshop ships worldwide, now shipping is free and I had the map at home in a few days. Officially states delivery in Europe in 3-5 days. USA and Canada 1-4 days. There are always many discount events on the e-shop, or maybe flags and shipping free, but Black Friday is coming, so maybe it's because of that. You have to watch the action.

My personal experience with the map

When the company Enjoy The Wood approached me as a travel blogger about a possible collaboration, I liked the maps at first sight, it's a really great idea or gift for any traveler. It is quite trendy to have a world map on the wall and mark where you have already been or set goals where you would like to go. My original map on the wall was supposed to be an eraser, but somehow the eraser didn't work, so I couldn't put anything on it, and it was actually like a boring picture. So I was very happy to replace it with a new interesting piece!

You can choose a 3D map from several dimensions:

- size M (width 100 cm x height 60 cm)

- size L (150 x 90 cm)

- size XL (200 x 120 cm)

- size XXL (300 x 175 cm)

In my photos, you will see size L in multicolor, because the bigger one did not fit in the given space according to the old map, and it is really sufficient, just the right size. The goods are very carefully packed so that they are not damaged during transport, you don't have to worry. And the box is very nice, with a print and a handle, also suitable as a gift.

I thought that a puzzle with thousands of pieces would arrive and that I would spend a month putting it together, but I was pleasantly surprised that the continents were generally whole, only large pieces were put together, mainly Asia, the smaller islands around the world were a bigger problem. In the box, however, there is a clearly drawn map of where what should be, and we looked up a few unmarked pieces on Google.

In the package you will find instructions (in English, but there are also pictures, you will understand), double-sided adhesive sticks that keep the pieces of the map in place, individual large pieces of the map, in a small box there are wooden tables from which the islands and smaller parts of the map can be broken out, there are also boats, airplanes and even the names of oceans. To get you started, there are two corners made of cardboard marked 1 and 2. So everything you need to stick is in the package, but you will need also a tape measure, paper tape on the wall and a spirit level if you have it at home and pencil on the wall.

You measure the dimensions of the given map on the wall with a tape measure, I recommend sticking the complete frame of the map with paper tape, which you then remove after completion so that you have an idea of ​​how big the map will be and estimate where to stick what. And the wooden map begins to be glued from the given two upper corners, where there is also a cut-out and the first pieces of the map fit exactly into it. And you gradually glue the map towards the center, the mini islands at the end. It's also quite fun, for a few hours. The parts are cut out and fit together exactly, sometimes you have to use a little more force to get the parts to sit well on the wall. The states are described in the wood, including the capitals, and the trick is that a hole is already made in each state, where you stick a pin with a flag that you've already been there, so you don't destroy the map. I definitely recommend ordering small white airplanes for the map, like pins where you have already been or want to go, or pins with the flags of individual countries, I think they are more interesting. In addition to the main states of the world, there are also the flags of the individual states of the USA, and the provinces of Canada and Australia. If you are not familiar with flags, don't worry, the country to which the flag belongs is also written next to each pin.

The instructions state that the map can be removed from the wall if necessary. You need a hair dryer to heat the map and loosen the adhesive sticks. In this way, the plaster on the wall should not be damaged.

You can see the resulting masterpiece in the photos :)

The article was created in cooperation with the PR department of Enjoy The Wood, thank you very much.

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