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What is Get Your Guide?

GetYourGuide is a Berlin-based online travel agency and online experience marketplace. The great thing is that you can see all the experiences of the given destination in one place. Therefore, you don't have to search, for example, where to buy museum tickets or how to order a boat trip and search and compare companies one by one. You can order the experience both via the website and via the application on your mobile phone. GetYourGuide sells tours and excursions, activities including cooking classes and tickets to many tourist attractions. It offers more than 60,000 products worldwide in 150 countries, 22 languages and 40 currencies.

The idea for GetYourGuide was born in 2007 when co-founders Johannes Reck and Tao Tao traveled to Beijing for a student conference and discovered that navigating a foreign city as tourists was difficult. Based on these experiences, a business plan was developed for a peer-to-peer internet platform that connects tourists with amateur guides. It was later expanded and refined to become an online booking platform through which travelers could book professional tours and activities in major cities around the world.

GetYourGuide does not offer its own tours or activities, but acts as an intermediary between customers (tourists) and service providers. The service is free for customers, but the tour or experience provider must pay a commission to GetYourGuide. Tourists then rate their experiences with tour providers. If a provider gets a lot of bad reviews, the company will remove it from its offer.

In 2013, the GetYourGuide mobile application was also launched. If you allow the app to share your location, it can suggest trips in your area. Both the website and the application are in almost 20 world languages.

In August 2018, GetYourGuide started selling tours under its own brand.

How does it work?

Go to the web

I recommend creating an account here, it has many advantages. Here you will see your past trips, as well as the trips that await you, with very detailed information. Here you will see the name of the trip, when it takes place, what are the recommendations for the trip (for example, suitable clothing), what is included in the price, where exactly and what time you should be and how to get there, including markings on the map, you can modify your order or cancel it by of the specified date, etc. You can print the voucher or save it in the application. Usually, the code from the voucher is checked at the entrance. After completing the trip, you can give a rating.

And how to book a trip? At the top, enter the destination you are going to in the search field (enter the name in English). You can set the currency in which you want to see the price of the trip. Then there is a Wishlist. If you like an activity and you have an account, you can mark the trip with a heart and add it to your favorites. I usually do it by uploading all the trips I like in a given destination, so I can see them together, and then I choose the best ones. In big cities, there are several companies that provide the same or very similar tour. You can choose according to the price, the rating, the boarding point, the program etc., simply what suits you best.

So we enter Rome as an example, and it is also convenient to choose the exact date from the table next to it. And then you can choose from several categories. E.g. Top activities - the most popular trips, then for example if you prefer to walk or you want an organized tour of the city with a guide, if you want to see museums or you prefer to go to nature, if you want to participate in water activities (boat trips), if you want a tour outside a city to a more distant well-known destination - it's great if you arrive in the city by plane and you don't have your car, you can also visit other cities in the vicinity or go to the sea, activities suitable for families, you can directly buy tickets to the most visited sights and there is a great a trick I recommend in every big city - Skip the line. This is how we got to the Vatican, for example, where there are lines for several hours when you want to buy a ticket normally at the box office. Here you will meet your guide on a specific place and outrun everyone! I love this feature! It really saves you a lot of time! You can also sort the activities according to how long they should last, what language they are in, how much you want to invest in them, etc. Many great functions that will help you choose the best activity for you.

Own experience and tips from Hamiczech

I use Get Your Guide services quite often, especially in larger cities. Ordering is simple, the selection is huge and a perfect experience is guaranteed. I will give a few examples of the trips I used:


Electric boat trip around the coast and nearby islands, if you don't go in summer, dress well, it gets quite windy on the boat, you can see the video of the boat on my YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, links below. View activity from Get Your Guide HERE


Full-day guided bus trip to the island of Capri (you reach Naples, take the pedestrian-only ferry), on Capri a boat trip to the caves and then a bus around the island with the possibility of shopping and amazing views and back to Rome. View all activities with Get Your Guide in Rome HERE.


Vatican CityTour Tickets with Skip the line - it saved us a lot of time, we didn't have to stand in a line that was several hours long, this is the best feature from Get Your Guide and the local guides won't give it to you. View activity HERE.


Purchase of parking in a parking garage for a private car directly in Venice (you don't have to take the train, you can walk from the car or take a boat to the center of Venice), right next to the parking garage we also purchased a boat trip to the islands of Murano and Burano. View assets with Get Your Guide HERE. In Venice, be sure to buy a ticket with the Skip the line function to the Doge's Palace, it is really beautiful - take a look HERE.


Skip the line tickets to the 6 most popular archaeological sites - Acropolis, Hadrian's Library, Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Temple of Zeus, School of Aristotle, Kerameikos - ancient cemetery, take a look HERE

Island of Krk, Croatia

Boat trip from the town of Baška on the island of Krk to the island of Rab and to the town of Rab, with a 2-hour break, buffet lunch included (and it was very decent), with the Zavratnica Fjord with the possibility of swimming, ride around the cliffs of St. Grgur and watching dolphins, if possible, we had luck, it was the first time I saw dolphins in Croatia. The trip is a full day and really very nice. If you take a look at my social media (link below) I have a video there as well. The official link to the trip is HERE.

I will add here also another trips with Get Your Guide.

You can see videos of some of my GetYourGuide experiences on my Youtube channel, link below.

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