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If you like Croatia, you have probably heard about Valamar Hotels. Did you know they have hotels in the Austrian Alps too? And do you want a discount?

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The VALAMAR brand is the largest hotel chain in Croatia, and now it is also expanding to the Austrian Alps, specifically to Obertauern, where it already has 3 hotels. Depending on your preferences or financial possibilities, you can choose from campsites to 3* hotels to luxurious 5* hotels for demanding guests. Valamar has something for everyone. In some hotels, you can also organize business conferences or company meetings.

Valamar Hotels

The following trademarks fall under the Valamar brand:

Valamar Collection, Valamar Hotels & Resorts, [PLACES] by Valamar, Sunny by Valamar, Camping Adriatic by Valamar. What are the differences between them?  

Valamar Collection

The most prestigious brand. This includes luxury, especially 5*, but also 4* hotels and resorts. Hotels in the most beautiful places are intended for a demanding clientele, whether for couples or families with children. Hotels have themed beaches and pools. Some are intended for adults only, so that guests can enjoy a well-deserved peace and some are intended for children, with various attractions. They provide first-class service, relaxation, entertainment.

The best thing you can order here is the V level program. It is the best services in the best hotels. V level clients have various privileges, such as priority check-in, a personal concierge, the best rooms, V level pools with reserved sunbeds both by the pool and on the beach, or V level restaurants where other clients cannot enter. I personally tried the V level program and if you want to be pampered, go for it. Amazing accommodation with superbly appointed rooms, an afternoon snack with champagne by the pool and a restaurant with first class food where you are served, even at breakfast. You can then pick up salads and other snacks yourself at the buffet, there are no queues like in other restaurants without that program.

The Dine around service means that you don't necessarily have to eat only at the hotel. If you want to try something else, the hotel cooperates with nearby restaurants (or has its own themed restaurants where half board is not valid), and you get a discount in these restaurants.

Another service, the Maro Holiday Program, is tailored to families with children so that you don't get bored on vacation.

And the last service, Stay Fit or V sport, is for all active people who don't enjoy just lying on the beach.

I had the opportunity to try this beautiful hotel from this brand:

Valamar Hotels & Resorts

This brand is the basis of the slogan Valamar - All you can holiday. Most hotels are 4*. Here you will find hotels for a family holiday, a holiday for two or an active holiday. Special attention is paid to gourmet experiences, each hotel mainly offers local specialties with a wide range of wines. Active rest and entertainment are part of the daily program. Hotels are thematically divided into Maro Family Holiday (for families with children), Designed for Adults (hotels aimed at adults), Green Holiday (environmentally friendly hotels), Old Town Holiday (city hotels where breakfast is extended into brunch until 1 p.m. and champagne is included with the meal) and Alpine Holiday (hotels in the Alps).

I visited a ski hotel in Obertauern, Austria from this brand, you can see the entire review including photos here:


[PLACES] by Valamar

Hotels designed for modern travelers who are not afraid to use technology. I personally visited two of them - one in Makarska, the other in Hvar, the third will open in the Alps, in Obertauern, Austria. It is really something new, innovative. I would classify the hotels in the group of better 3* to 4* hotels, it depends on which room you choose. The rooms are mostly smaller in size (but you can choose from different sizes according to your requirements), they are simply equipped, with basic cosmetics. The catering concept is interesting. You get a wristband with a loaded amount for each day, and you buy food and drinks with that amount. Apart from breakfast, this is included in the price, in a normal buffet way. I'm talking about lunch or dinner to keep the half board format. Don't want to have lunch but would rather have a cocktail? No problem. Or are you going on a trip and are gone all day? In a normal hotel you would miss out on food. Here, if you do not spend the amount for the day, it will be transferred to the next day, you will not lose money. You can check the balance at the machines in the hotel, or better in the application from Valamar. It's also good that you can taste local specialties in nearby restaurants. You can have lunch or a couple of cocktails at the hotel, and you can go into town for dinner. Just as you want, you have total freedom. I would not recommend going to these hotels for people who want to relax on vacation. Rather, these are party hotels. Loud dance music is playing everywhere, various DJs play in the evening. Hotels are equipped with various game rooms so that you don't get bored.

If you were to ask me whether it is better to go to a hotel in Makarska or Hvar, I would recommend Hvar. Makarska is terribly overcrowded from June to August, so go there during the off-season. It was more peaceful on Hvar, and I liked the hotel more overall, it is more intimate than in Makarska. Although the hotels are not adults only, I would only recommend them to adults. There is no entertainment for children. And since the guests want to have fun, drink cocktails and dance to modern music... take it on yourself :)

I tested these two PLACES hotels for you:



Sunny by Valamar

These are hotels for undemanding travelers who want to enjoy a nice vacation by the sea and don't mind that they are not exactly in a luxury hotel. Hotels at a more affordable price are mostly 3* and 2*. Accommodation is simpler, but in nice places. Relaxation and fun on the beaches and by the pools. In some hotels, the Sunny Breakfast & Brunch service is available, where you can enjoy a late breakfast until 1 p.m., the Breakfast & Lunch service, where you can have a light lunch until 2 p.m., or the Sunny Dinner service, where you can have a themed dinner. There are also various game rooms or digital libraries in the hotels so that you don't get bored.

Camping Adriatic by Valamar

As the name suggests, these are campsites by the sea. You can camp in untouched nature or in luxury campsites with all the equipment. This brand is divided into 3 others, similar to hotels, namely: Camping Adriatic by Valamar Premium Resorts, Camping Adriatic by Valamar Resorts and Camping Adriatic by Valamar Sunny. Even the campsites are distinguished by stars, from 2* to 5*.

In Premium Camping Resorts you will find first-class accommodation, beaches and swimming pools and Valamar programs such as Maro Family Holiday for children or Stay Fit for athletes. The pools also have various attractions for children such as slides and toboggans.

Camping Resorts offer a combination of a pleasant holiday by the sea with quality equipment and services, for an active and fun holiday.

Sunny Camping holiday in simple campsites in untouched nature with beautiful beaches.

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Valamar destinations

At the time of writing this article in August 2023, Valamar hotels could be found in Croatia and Austria. We'll see if they expand to other countries as well. I noticed that every year a hotel is added, so the network is still growing. Which is great because you can go to a different place every time and explore other destinations. I definitely recommend becoming a member of a loyalty program to save, but more on that in a moment. Valamar hotels can still be found in these locations:



Istria - Poreč

Istria - Rabac

Makarska (Dalmatia)

The island of Hvar

The island of Krk

The island of Rab



Valamar loyalty program

If you love Croatia like I do and visit every year, or are an passionate skier (and a long ski season with plenty of snow is guaranteed in the high Obertauern), you could probably visit Valamar hotels more than once in your life. A loyalty program is designed for regular clients. And it's definitely worth it. On the one hand, after logging in, you will see lower member prices, you will collect points for your stays, which you can then use in the form of a discount on your next holiday with Valamar, you will receive various promotional prices for members by email, etc. Points can also be transferred between individual accounts. You can then easily manage your reservations on your computer or in the Valamar app.

So what? Does visiting Valamar hotels seem like a good choice for you? I think that everyone has to choose from a wide range of themed hotels at different price levels, whether you are pampered or thrifty :) 

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