ALIENS vs. PREDATORS museum (Kutná Hora, Czech Rep.)


A paradise for all sci-fi horror lovers, it's great, they are already waiting for you there!

Name: Aliens vs. Predators Experience Museum

Address: Šultysova 174, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic


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Aliens vs. Predators Experience Museum in Kutná Hora is a part of Film Legends Museum, it is its 4th branch in the Czech Republic. Film Legends Museum is a Czech private film museum by the collector Johnny Wolf. Other museums with well-known film characters are located in Prague, Poděbrady and Kroměříž. The collection of all 4 museums contains over 2150 exhibits, in a scale of 1: 6 to 1: 1 (some of them are also life-size), which makes it one of the largest in the world in the field of film Pop Culture. Movie lovers and film connoisseurs will be captivated by the details with which the characters are processed, some of which look literally alive. Judge from the photos below.

But this museum in Kutná Hora is aimed especially at lovers of sci-fi horror movies. And as an Alien lover, I just had to visit him! And that there is something to admire! As a bonus, you will also see the most famous horror characters and Terminators.

The exhibition is set in historic cellars from the 15th century, which perfectly completes the exciting atmosphere, you will see over 300 exhibits. I recommend a visit during the week, we were there almost alone, we took luxury photos and we had a great time. The overall atmosphere is completed by music from the films and poor lighting, at times you feel like you are on a spaceship or another planet. You can even borrow some props and make yourself fighters from the Aliens movie, like Ripley, Hicks, and more. Some exhibits are also moving, such as the giant egg of an Alien, which seems to be hatching. I also recommend visiting the stylish toilet, which amused me quite a bit.

They are open daily, incl. holidays, from 10 am to 7 pm, on weekends from 9 am to 7 pm Admission per adult CZK 250 (2021), discounts on family admission, children up to 4 years free..but I do not know if the museum is suitable for children, due to focus of the exhibits, I assume that the children do not look at Aliens or Predators ... other branches would be more suitable for them, for example, in Prague there are also children's figures for inspection. I haven't been in the other two yet.

In the museum you can take pictures as if for life at no extra charge , videos are not allowed and it is forbidden to touch the exhibits. It is also possible to buy some collector's exhibits in a local shop, museums also have their own e-shop. The tour lasts about an hour, depending on how much you are interested in details and photography. The museum is not barrier-free, due to its location in the cellars, people walk up the stairs.

Well, there were plenty of words, take a look at the photos and if you are just as focused, definitely visit this museum, it's a great experience!!! I was also in the branch in Prague, which is more focused on super heroes and other famous characters, look forward to another article and photos. 

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