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Luxuriously equipped villas by the sea on the island of Krk, a wonderfully quiet place to relax, from the Aminess Hotels

Address: Aminess Gaia Green Villas, 51512 Njivice, Primorska cesta 41, Krk island, Croatia


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Would you like to have your own villa by the sea? Aminess Gaia Green Villas are located on the Croatian island of Krk in the town of Njivice, in the Kvarner Gulf, a little below the city of Rijeka, so it is the northern part of Croatia. The biggest advantage of the island is that there is a bridge from the mainland, so you don't have to wait for the ferry and pay for it. If you haven't bought a toll gate box yet and you go to Croatia by car more often, I definitely recommend it, you can save up to 25%! And you don't have to stand in line with those who have to pay, you just brake at the ENC gates, the scanner reads you and opens, the credit is deducted automatically. The good thing is that you can also borrow it with family or friends, the credit is topped up there online and is not tied to the registration number of the car.

Aminess Gaia Green Villas

Aminess Gaia Green Villas are located in the Mediterranean forest on the island of Krk, near the sea and the magical beaches of the town of Njivice. Thanks to their modern industrial design, which fits in with the lush greenery (for this reason, it is quite difficult to take photos of the resort, because the villas cannot be seen very much between the trees :)), they are the perfect place to recharge your mind and soul. There is a wonderful calm here. Whether you are traveling with children, with a group of friends or as a couple, you will surely enjoy your vacation in Croatia. Good news for dog owners. You can bring your pets with you. Next to this resort is the huge Aminess Atea Camping Resort - and at its end is a beach designed specifically for dogs, on the map Dogfriendly beach Omišalj - Njivice.

There is a reception desk and barriers at the entrance to the resort, so no one except the guests can get to the villas by car. In the modern, air-conditioned reception, we were greeted by a very kind lady who offered us a refreshing non-alcoholic drink after a long journey, gave us a map of the resort, explained what we could find where and how they were open. We received cards from the villa (one is used for electricity), a personalized letter from the resort manager welcoming us and wishing us a nice stay, a resort flyer and we were lucky, on the day of our arrival, Saturday, there was at La Gradela (formerly Garden Grill) under the resort event - Craft beer & burger festival with live music - for craft beer and burger lovers. Which we, Czech beer lovers, really liked :)


At each villa there is a parking space, reserved only for you, parking fee 3 Euros per day. There is also a charger for electric cars in the area and a public e-bike charger in front of the reception.

Aminess Gaia Green Villas resort is quite extensive. In a beautiful garden full of Mediterranean flora (tall trees, flowering bushes), there are 80 villas in a modern design, metal, wood and concrete prevail. In the resort you will find 4 types of villas. All villas are air-conditioned, with WIFI, have a TV, bathroom (including hotel cosmetics, hairdryer, towels, clothes dryer), WC, fully equipped kitchen (fridge, microwave, kettle, coffee maker, dishes). Each villa has its own terrace with seating. I really liked the large glass windows in the living room, actually one whole wall was glass, you have a nice view of the garden. Cleaning takes place every 3rd day (towels and bed linen are changed). There are bins for sorted waste in the villas, I appreciate it. You take out the trash yourself, there are also normal trash cans sorted in two places under the resort.

All villas have fully equipped kitchens. You can either cook for yourself or order half-board at one of the neighboring hotels of the Aminess network for an additional fee. In the Aminess Atea Camping Resort next there is a small shop with necessary things and a bakery open from 7 a.m. till noon. Another shop is in the center of the town of Njivice. When you arrive at Krk, there is a large supermarket on the right. I will recommend the bars and restaurants I personally visited below.

Types of villas

In the resort you will find 4 types of villas of different sizes. You can choose as you like. We had Villa Pinus, so I will describe it in detail, the equipment of the villas is more or less the same. If there are only two of you traveling, I definitely recommend Villa Lilium, it has an excellent layout and is spacious enough for two, with a large terrace. However, there are only 5 of these villas in the resort, so don't hesitate to order.

1) Villa Lilium (number of villas 5)

For all lovers of romance. This villa is the smallest (considering that there is only one bedroom, otherwise there is a lot of space). It can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children under 12 or 3 adults and 1 child. The interior has 36 m2 + 15 m2 terrace. There is 1 bedroom with a double bed and a sofa bed in the living room for 1 adult or 2 children. In addition to the same equipment as the other villas, this villa also has a capsule coffee machine. You have 4 capsules available upon arrival, the rest you have to bring with you. I recommend this villa to pairs.

2) Villa Pinus (number of villas 50)

Occupancy max 4 adults and 2 children under 12 or 5 adults and 1 child. The villa is the only one with two floors, each floor of 25 m2 + 15 m2 terrace. I do not recommend more than 4 people here, you would be stepping on each other. Pinus is the most common type of villa in the resort, named after the pine tree commonly found on the island of Krk. On the first floor there are 2 separate bedrooms with double beds (the bedrooms have mosquito nets in the windows, finally someone thought of it, and there was a bathrobe and slippers for everyone) and a smaller bathroom with a shower, including a toilet (there is liquid hand soap and shower gel with shampoo 2 in 1, large packages, hairdryer, several towels, enough toilet paper). There were quite spacious wardrobes in both bedrooms, one of them also has a safe. But don't take very big suitcases, bags are better, there is not much room to spread out a double-winged suitcase, the bedrooms are small, you only sleep in them, you are usually downstairs in the living room or on the terrace or by the sea, of course. The ground floor is intended for daily rest and relaxation. There is a living room with a fully equipped kitchen and a sofa bed, and second separate WC.

What you will find in the kitchen - a two-burner glass-ceramic plate, an electric kettle, a coffee maker, a microwave, a refrigerator, a drainer for dishes, a cleaner, a sponge, a dish towel (I would also like a rag to clean the table), dishes for 6 people, pots, pans, grater, wine opener, bowls, just about everything you need for cooking. Of course, there is no salt, oil or anything like that, so be sure to take it. Dining table for 6 people inside and sofa bed with coffee table + TV in living area.

The terrace is covered and you can relax in deckchairs or at the table. There are air conditioning units upstairs and downstairs.

When we entered, a huge welcome basket with fruit and nuts was waiting for us on the table and a bottle of water in the fridge , thank you very much!

3) Villa Salvia (number of villas 20) 

Occupancy max 4 adults and 2 children under 12 or max 5 adults. These villas also have a roof terrace. The interior has 45 m2 + 15 m2 outdoor terrace + 18 m2 roof terrace. There are two separate bedrooms with a double bed. In the living room there is a sofa bed for 1 adult or 2 children. There was also a capsule coffee machine here.

4) Villa Olea (number of villas 5) 

Occupancy max 6 adults and 2 children, preferably max 4 adults and 2 children. This villa is the largest, with 3 bedrooms. The interior has 50 m2 + 15 m2 terrace. There are double beds in two bedrooms, and a bunk bed in the third bedroom, which I think is suitable for children. A sofa bed in the living room. Separate toilet. The bathroom is quite spacious and has another toilet.


All beaches are public, and they are both pebble and concrete, you can choose. Water shoes are better for those with pebbles. Directly below the resort on the left is a large beach with small pebbles and a gradual entrance to the sea. It is possible to borrow sunbeds and a parasol for a fee, or you can bring your own (I recommend padded ones, only a towel is not enough, the surface is hard or bumpy - you can buy them at the stalls, it will be for sure cheaper than to rent the plastic sunbeds each day). If you go right, we liked the bend next to Il Cantuccio restaurant, it is a concrete beach with mature trees that provide good shade and there is a gentle entrance to the sea (without shoes). I looked at the prices on the beach right in the town, and there 2 sunbeds with a parasol cost 20 Euros per day and the bed with a canopy cost 60 Euros. Well, I can spend money better, but depends on you... Directly below the resort, the stylish beach club and restaurant 7 Seas by Aminess Hotels was being completed. There are deckchairs and umbrellas, including small tables, on the pier in a semicircle, the entrance to the sea is via steps in a quiet bay (now it should be already open). Other beaches are along the entire Aminess Atea Camping Resort, and there are both small concrete beaches on rocky outcrops and larger pebble beaches. The campsite is normally passable and the beaches here are not intended only for campers, anyone can go there. There are also trees on some beaches, so you can find shade. If you go to the beach directly below the resort, the toilet is at the reception or you can walk to your villa. But the toilet is also built directly on the beach, see below.

Restaurants and bars

Il Cantuccio - for lunch or dinner

If you are looking for something unconventional, I definitely recommend the restaurant Il Cantuccio (formerly Bukaleta), which is right by the sea, towards the campsite, you have to walk past it, and it is so close to the sea that at those tables down on the shore you will dip your feet in water when the tide is in :) But those magical sunsets! In the summer, I recommend booking a table optimally for 7-8 p.m. so that you can enjoy the panoramic views as the sun sets behind Istria as much as possible. But the restaurant also has normal tables one floor up, outside, with a covered roof, if you don't want to get wet. There are also a few tables down by the sea, where the water doesn't reach, if you don't want to wash your feet in the tide, however, I recommend ordering the tables down a day in advance, they are the most requested. And what good do they have here? You can order hot and cold dishes of international and Croatian cuisine, local specialties, salads, burgers, meats, fish, some seafood, pasta and desserts. When there were no mussels, we were most interested in the beef steaks. That's always a lottery bet, the restaurant can do it.. it hits the desired here it's perfect! The meat was of very high quality, aged, soft, and they hit the mark on the medium rare preparation. The price included fries, fried onion rings and barbecue sauce + some vegetables. The selection of drinks was also extensive. Gentlemen will appreciate a draft beer, ladies a selection of local wines, and children, for example, a spezi (cola with fanta, it looks like water from a pond, but it's very good). And, of course, you can also go for lunch here, it's not high tide yet, so you can sit in the last row directly above the sea without getting your feet wet. There is no other normal restaurant in the immediate vicinity. Just below the resort is La Gradela (formerly the Garden Grill) where you can get a drink, but food only from the grill, so it depends on what you fancy. Other restaurants are a 7-minute walk away in the town.

Beach Bar Cabana - for a drink

If you are already after dinner, then I recommend the really beautiful big bar Beach Bar Cabana for a drink at sunset, it is almost at the end of the camp, of course by the sea. Comfortable rattan cushioned couches, full of greenery everywhere, so there is plenty of shade even during the day, a large selection of cocktails, wines and beers. From food, only small snacks such as sandwiches, toast or croissants. And of course the view again when you grab a table on the side closest to the sea.

Cafe Fontana - for an ice cream

There are several ice cream stands in Njivice, but these have the largest selection. Normally everyone has one display case with ice creams, these have two. It is the second ice cream parlor as you walk from your villa. You can put the ice cream in a glass and sit right here, or in a cone or paper cup and go sit on a bench in the harbor (right opposite) and enjoy the sunset.

A scoop of ice cream this June cost 2 Euros (perhaps in all of Croatia), but it's a portion like 2 scoops in our country. Draft beer around 5 Euros (specials more expensive, of course), cocktails around 10 Euros, coffee around 2 Euros. Pastries in the camp were quite expensive. One long baguette, 2 buns, 2 donuts 7 Euros.

When we were here in June 2023, these places were still being built and will be directly under the resort. These are mainly food stalls (bakery, pancake house, fast food), and there will be a children's playground and toilets below them.

7 Seas - beach club & fine dining restaurant

7 Seas is a luxury restaurant brand from Aminess for all lovers of fine dining. We had the privilege of tasting the tasting menu at their 5* Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel in Makarska last year. And it was really worth it. The chef personally came to the table and presented each menu to us, you can take a look at the photos in my article, the link above is active. Even the eyes would eat :) And just such a restaurant with a beach club will open here as well, unfortunately we missed its opening by a few days :( It is supposed to open at the end of June 2023. Sunbeds, umbrellas and tables have already been prepared in a small corner right on the pier by the sea. Well, at least we took a picture of it for you, and the luckier among you can try it out. We're envious!

Sports enjoyment

In the morning 8.30 - 9 a.m. (meet at the reception) you can go to an outdoor group exercise. And the same in the early evening at 6:30-7 p.m., you can get the schedule at the reception. If you can't live without a gym on vacation, you can use the gym in the adjacent Magal hotel by Aminess hotels for free. This hotel also has a program for children, both all-day and evening. If your teenagers are bored with you, they can come and play on the game consoles at the Magal Hotel every day from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. It is also possible to rent bicycles (normal and electric, and also for children) and electric scooters at the reception at the resort. There are many cycling routes in the vicinity. There are tennis courts above Il Cantuccio restaurant. There is a pier behind 7 Seas and they rent water scooters or small boats there. Videos from this resort can be found on my YouTube channel, link below.

So what? Have I convinced you that a great vacation doesn't have to be just in a hotel? I would personally like to know if you prefer hotels with all services, or if you prefer private villas or apartments without services, but where you have more space, more privacy, won terrace or garden, where you can sit in the evening with friends, you can cook for yourself (and to save some money) and children will probably appreciate the garden more than the hotel premises. You can write to me on Facebook or Instagram for posts from this resort, you will find them around 19.6. 2023. I personally like to rotate it, sometimes hotel, sometimes apartment or villa.

The article was created in cooperation with the PR department of Aminess Hotels, and I am very grateful that I could test the resort and write this detailed article for you.

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