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Also in our Czech Rep. we have experience accommodation - glamping, connect with nature in style with all the comfort in TwoFingers

Address: TwoFingers, Krabčice 43, 552 01 Dolany, Czech Republic

Web:     (only in Czech language, so read my article in English)

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This is my first experience with glamping in the Czech Republic. Owners came up with a great idea to make 3 different types of accommodation in amazing area, in harmony with nature as much as possible, with all the comforts of the modern world. On a large private property with an area of several hectares, you will find a meadow, forests and ponds. And it's up to you where you want to spend your stay.

You might wonder about the strange name Two Fingers. It was created due to a large number of crayfish in the stream.

When you arrive to the glamping area, the first thing you will see are two log cabins, in one of them there is a "reception". The day before your arrival, you will receive an email with detailed information about what awaits you and how to get there. It's a good idea to specify your arrival time by SMS, because work is always full here, so your hosts are always working somewhere, so they don't sit at the reception all day. As soon as you arrive, someone will take care of you and lead you to your accommodation, explain everything, show you around. We were also happily welcomed by the local ducks :) You leave the car at the logs and continue on foot. It is designed this way on purpose to preserve as much privacy and clean air as possible. On request, they will take your luggage with a four-wheeler, so you don't necessarily have to drag it.

I would divide the area into two parts: meadow + forest and ponds + forest. All the cottages and lodges Ledňáček and Lišák are located on the meadow. Near the ponds, there are both caravans and the lodge Vážka.

Types of accommodation at TwoFingers

And what types of accommodation does TwoFingers offer? You can choose either one of 3 lodges, 2 caravans or 4 cottages (at the beginning of August 2022, only 3 were available, the fourth was still being finished inside). Even though glamping is about being in harmony with nature as much as possible, here they understand that someone has to work (by the way, as an office, I would take the cottages immediately!) or put photos on Instagram, haha, and the younger generation simply cannot get anywhere without the internet, so wifi also works. But you won't find a TV here, and we didn't miss it at all, we enjoyed the view from the terrace every evening and had fun grilling. And what's top - every morning a wonderful home-made breakfast appears on your doorstep (without anyone disturbing you) in a stylish wooden box, each time it was a little different and there was so much that we usually had leftovers for dinner as well. You can taste, for example, yogurt with homemade marmalade, cheeses, sausages, eggs, homemade spreads, fruit, vegetables, butter, marmalade, homemade cookies, a small loaf of bread or buns...and God knows what else, we were only there for 4 nights :)

You can grill at each accommodation. The nearest larger town is Jaroměř, about 15 minutes by car, and there are two Penny Markets right next to the road, Kaufland and Tesco a little further, you can find it on the map. Here you can buy everything you need for the grill or for dinner.

What can you find in the fridge in all types of accommodation? For a fee, beer, wine, lemonades and some homemade snacks such as pickled cheeses, pickled vegetables, excellent marmalade and more, you can also buy to take home. For those who don't like to cook like me (and if you don't even want to go to the store), you can order some ready meals at the reception and then just heat them up. You can find their list in each cabin, including prices. You must order this meal a day in advance.

To ensure that no one sneaks up on you and that you have complete privacy, the accommodations are not cleaned daily. You have bin bags available and you take the bins out yourself, there are bins down on the meadow. When we happened to run out of something, we either wrote an SMS or a note in the breakfast box saying that we were asking for a refill and everything was arranged when we returned from the trip. The service is really perfect.

What do all types of accommodation have in common?

- home cooked breakfast every morning

- fridge with drinks and snacks for a fee, electric kettle

- a large selection of branded teas, the possibility of making coffee

- parking lot on the grass by the first pond

- wood and charcoal grill with all equipment (you only bring your own food)

- private bathroom with hot water and flush toilet

- towels and bed linen

- eco shower gel and shampoo

- wifi

- terrace with seating

- electricity

- ban on the use of hair dryers due to high power consumption

- heating (either stove or infrared panels)

- rechargeable flashlights if you need to go somewhere in the dark

- bluetooth music boxes

- all accommodations are for max. 2 adults

- luxurious view of nature

- peace, quiet, relaxation, stargazing

If you are tired of relaxing, you can arrange fishing, horse riding, paddleboard or bicycle rental at TwoFingers. And you can take many trips in the area, tips for trips in the next article.

News of 2022

1) From 2022, each type of accommodation has its own bathroom with warm running water and its own flush toilet. So no shared bathroom like in a campsite or booths like in less luxurious glamping areas.

2) All 4 cottages are new in 2022.

3) There is a newly built sauna for up to 9 people in the vicinity of 2 caravans and the Vážka lodge! You can then cool off outside with a suspended bucket of cold water. The sauna was being finished in August, but it will certainly be ready in the colder season.

And let's go to the stylish accommodations, for the most pampered I recommend one of the cottages, we stayed in the ROD cottage, so I will describe it in every detail.

Tree houses

They are not actually tree houses, because the cabins are not on trees but on their own metal legs among the trees. We in Czechia call it "posed" - which can be translated as hunting possession if you understand what I mean, so I will call it cabin.

This is the simplest type of accommodation, but at the same time, in my opinion, the most stylish. It is not so common that someone would accommodate you in a property like this, moreover, equipped in such a way. There are 3 cabins in total.

Cabin Ledňáček (in English kingfisher)

Cabin Lednacek is located on the border between a meadow and a forest. It is climbed on steps with a railing. It can be said that the cabin is two-story. The bed is located directly under the roof, which is partially glazed, so that you can romantically watch the stars at night, or enjoy the rustling of the trees. The side window can be opened. On the lower floor there is a mini living room with a kitchen. The kitchen has basic utensils, including a fridge and a kettle. There is no electric stove, but you have cast iron cookware and you can cook or heat on the fire. You can stay here even in colder weather, infrared panels are used for heating.

Your outdoor living space is located on the terrace directly below the cabin. On its metal legs you have a hammock suspended for total relaxation, there is also a metal fire pit standing in place with pebbles so that you cannot set fire to anything, and you have it with all the comfort, wood, charcoal and things for kindling are already prepared, you have here even a hatchet for chipping, the gentlemen can show off how skilled they are. So all that remains is for you to get what you are going to grill. On the terrace there are designer wooden benches as well as sunbeds.

And as you can see from the photo, right below the sitting area is your own bathroom with shower and flush toilet, incl. eco showers and shampoos.

Cabin Lišák (in English fox)

The Lisak cabin is located below the Lednacek cabin, on the border between a meadow and a mixed forest. It has one floor and you can observe the forest directly from the bed. In front of the cabin is a wooden terrace where you have armchairs, a hammock and a metal fire pit with a grill grate + all the necessary equipment for grilling. If you are cold, there are blankets and infrared panels for heating. The kitchen has basic equipment, including a refrigerator. It is cooked outside on a fire.

Even cabin Lisak has a private bathroom with a shower and a flush toilet a few steps above.

Cabin Vážka (in English dragonfly)

It is the only one not located near a meadow, but on the border between a pond and a forest, and it is two-storey. The bed is located directly under the roof and even here part of the roof is glazed and the side window can be opened. You climb a ladder to get to bed. The shorter side of the sitting area is glazed and you can enjoy the view of the pond. A kitchenette with basic equipment including a refrigerator. Directly below the cabin is a wooden terrace with designer benches, sunbeds and a hammock, with all the necessary equipment for grilling and cooking + a stylish metal retro grill.

Own sanitary facilities (shower and flush toilet) are right next to the cabin. Here you have the most privacy of all the treehouses. The cabin is between two caravans, but at a greater distance, you cannot see each other. Only those who live in the farthest caravan Volavka can pass you by.

I haven't taken pictures of the cabins from the inside because there were guests in them, but you can find all the detailed photos on the TwoFingers website.


According to me, caravan is also not the exact translation, but you will see on pictures what I mean.

Caravans from TwoFingers Pomněnka and Volavka are media stars! You could find articles about them in housing, lifestyle or design magazines or see them on TV. And no wonder, they are so beautifully arranged and in beautiful places in nature, complete privacy, total relaxation. And they were also upgraded in 2022 for your greater comfort, the cubicles were replaced with a flush toilet with a view of nature. Caravans are more spacious than treehouses and even more comfortable (from my point of view).

Caravan Pomněnka (in English forget-me-not)

This is located right on the bank of the pond, with a wonderful terrace directly above the pond. I'm not sure if anyone would think of going here with small children, but if so, the terrace does not have a railing so that the view is perfect, so I would rather recommend caravan Volavka for a child, it is not directly above the pond. On the terrace there are also sunbeds, rolling pillows and stone-lined parts of a metal fireplace with a grill and all grilling utensils. There is a stream behind the caravan.

In addition to basic dishes, a kettle and a fridge, the kitchen is also equipped with a sink with running hot water and a gas cooker. There is a dining table and a great big window with cushions to sit in and enjoy the view outside. You have an equally nice view of the other side from your bed. Although the caravan is glazed enough to blend in with nature, you don't have to worry about someone spying on you. It's off the beaten path to other accommodations, so it's just you, complete privacy. In addition, all windows can be retracted.

If it's cold, you can warm up in the stove.

Caravan has an outdoor shower with warm water, the toilet is separate, in a new wooden booth a little to the side, but it is flushable and there is also a sink with warm water, the view is nothing but nature.

Caravan Volavka (in English heron)

Caravan at the very end. No one can pass you anymore because they have nowhere to go. Caravan stands on land, the pond is a few steps away. A stream flows from the other side. Again, you have a view from all possible sides, the windows can be retracted. For 2 adults. In cold weather, you can warm up in the stove.

In the mini-kitchen you will find basic equipment, including a sink, a gas stove and, of course, a refrigerator. Dining table with a view outside. Outside there is a metal fire pit with a grill and all the equipment.

The shower with warm water is outside, right behind the caravan, the toilet is a little to the side in a new wooden booth, flush, with a sink with warm water.

Unfortunately, there were guests here, so I don't have photos of the inside, but you can find all the photos on the TwoFingers website.


And the newest addition to the TwoFingers experience accommodation are cottages. There are 4 in total, the fourth - Vesna, was still being furnished inside in the summer of 2022, so it will probably be open to clients in the fall. I will describe the remaining 3. Cottages are for those who like comfort, like me. Everything is inside, you don't have to move. Bathroom with toilet, beautiful terraces with a great view of the forest and the meadow. Roe deer and hares or cats run around you, birds fly above you, just like on safari :) The cottages are arranged in a huge semi-circle, about 60 m apart. Although you can see at a distance, you would have to have binoculars to spot anything. Here, too, all the windows can be covered. Two cottages have a shower, one a bath. Each cottage is something different and has its own charm, so we go to them.

Cottage Diva

We'll take it from below. The very first one will be the Vesna cottage, which during our stay in August had not yet been made available to customers, the Diva cottage will therefore be the second. It is furnished in a simple, playful style with an emphasis on connecting with nature, like every type of accommodation at TwoFingers. The decoration consists of small musical instruments, I would say quite atypical, and you can try how to play them. It even has 2 terraces. One with a dining table, and the other more relaxing, with deckchairs and a metal fireplace with a grill. Again, wood, hatchet, kindling, meat tongs, shovel for coal and bucket for hot coals and ashes, everything is prepared.

After a few steps, you go up to the terrace, push aside the glass wall (door) and find yourself in a small living room with a large round rug and many pillows that are used for lounging instead of a couch. Or you can sit in a comfortable retro armchair. There is a stove here so that you can warm up in case of cold weather. There is also a stylish retro refrigerator. There is no classic kitchen here. However, you have an electric single-burner stove if you need to heat something up, as well as basic dishes. From the living room you enter the bathroom, which is separated by a sliding door and you will find here a shower with a sink and a flush toilet. Comfortable as in a hotel. Around the corner you have a double bed with a view of the fields and from one French window direct access to the second terrace.

Cottage Lada

This cottage is especially for lovers of bathing in a bathtub. Do you have a bathtub with a view of nature at home? Me not :( As the only one of the 3, it doesn't have a shower, but a bathtub in the middle of the living room. Consequently, it doesn't even have a typical bathroom. The toilet is of course separate and there is also a sink. You will find a typical kitchen unit for total convenience when preparing food. A fridge, a kettle, a small glass ceramic plate, a sink, basic dishes, even a capsule coffee machine, including capsules. There is no typical dining table inside, but you have small tables where you sit on the floor on cushions. Or you can have breakfast with them right in bed. The bedroom is separated from the living room by curtains. If you are cold, there are infrared heating panels and small stones. You can sit by them in a comfortable retro chair in the winter.

The terrace surrounds the entire front of the cottage. To relax, you have a table with armchairs and a padded bench. Right next to the terrace is a tall grill that looks like a bar table, definitely a stylish design.

Cottage Rod

This cottage is the newest (so far) and we have stayed in it, so I can describe it in the most detail. It is the farthest from the parking lot, but in my opinion it is the best. It is the only one with its own private sauna right next to the cottage! It is also right on the border between the meadow and the forest, there is nothing behind you, so it provides the greatest privacy, no one will walk around you and the wall facing the other cottages is not glazed. Thanks to its position, it is also the only one in the shade from 2 p.m. in the summer, and when it is over 30 degrees outside, that is probably what you will appreciate the most.

You climb a few steps to a spacious terrace, where there is a dining table with armchairs. There were also rolling pillows and a stylish bean bag to put your feet up. The terrace is covered, so you could sit here even if it rained. Through the large glass door, you enter the living room with a cast-iron stove, a lounger, and a super stylish wooden table. The kitchen is very well equipped. In addition to the kettle and glass ceramic plate, there is also a capsule coffee machine with a supply of capsules. A sink for convenient dishwashing, with towels, even with a cleaner and a brush. I would also appreciate a rag if I manage to spill something so I can wipe it up. There are paper kitchen towels, a large selection of luxury teas, salt, pepper, oil, sugar. There is a basket under the sink. The other small basket is in the bathroom. Probably because there is a sauna, you also have two bathrobes. The peculiarity is that one wall in the bathroom is made of glass, with a view to the forest, so it is logically on that side so that you cannot be seen by the other residents of the cabins. The forest begins immediately with a steep slope down, where it would probably be difficult for anyone to climb out, so there is no one to spy on you. The shower is in the hand, which I appreciate very much, I don't like happy rain, where I usually get completely soaked, even if I don't want to, however, there is also a large shower from the ceiling for lovers of getting soaked from head to toe. Liquid hand soap, shower gel and shampoo, all eco-friendly, are at your disposal. Small and large towel for everyone. As I wrote above, there are no hair dryers here, and due to the high power consumption, you may not even use your own hair dryers, so think about drying your hair freely. There is a boiler in the bathroom, so the water is always warm. The entire bathroom is wooden, including the permeable floor, everything is new and very nice. The lights are also designer, it can be seen that someone played very nicely with the styling, there are many designer models in the style of wood, metal and glass.

The bed is quite hard, but even though I usually have a problem with it, I didn't wake up with back pain in the morning and the 4 nights were completely fine. There is also plenty of storage space, several large drawers and a hanging perch with hangers.

I really appreciate that when you arrive in the hot summer you have a fridge filled with drinks, soft drinks, beer and wine, so that when you blow up the gentle hill to the cabin, a cold drink will save your life :)

Right next to the terrace is a great big grill, with chopped firewood, charcoal and matches. You just bring meat, cheeses or vegetables.

PS: The best wifi signal in this cottage is in the left corner of the terrace :) The other cottages are closer to the transmitter, so the signal will probably be stronger there.


If you want to experience something unconventional, or invite your love for a romance in nature, definitely give it a try. A total escape from the city. 100% crowd free. If you live in a block of flats and don't have a place to grill, that's a total luxury. You don't make a fire in a hotel, do you? At the campsite, you can have a good time, but there is always someone making noise until the morning and you hardly get any sleep. You don´t have your own bathroom or breakfast in bed. So what will win for you: treehouse, caravan or cottage? Feel free to let me know.

I would like to thank the owner Monica and her entire team for the invitation and cooperation, who took such royal care of us. And I'm sure they take care of everyone like that.

I will recommend tips for trips in the area in the next article.

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