Indian Jewel restaurant - Prague, Czech Rep.


My first experience with a genuine Indian restaurant, how did it end up?

Address: Indian Jewel, Rybna 9/678, Prague 1 - Old town


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I have to admit that I have never been to a real Indian restaurant. But everything has to be tried and I like to eat as it looks on me haha, so we went to taste. How well do you know Indian cuisine?

India is a country with a rich culture, history and traditions, and an endless variety of tastes. After all, where do most of the world's spices come from? You will surely recognize many of them - cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, cloves, fennel, anise, nutmeg, pepper, fenugreek, chili and others. Indian food is famous for its various spice mixes, but that doesn't mean they have to be spicy. These are mixtures of spices and herbs that even have beneficial health effects and a perfectly tuned taste.

Recipes are handed down from generation to generation, kings and emperors have tasted them. Now it's your turn - you too can taste top Indian cuisine, and you don't even have to go to India. The Indian Jewel restaurant in Prague offers a menu for those who like to discover new tastes, as well as for those who like traditional dishes. And it caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians. The word tandoor often appears in the menu. So that you don't have to google it, I'll tell you that it's an Indian clay vessel (oven) for baking and frying meat, fish or even pastries. Food from the tandoor is usually lightly spiced, prepared in yogurt with spices.

The menu is varied - you will find light lentil soup, fluffy salads, juicy kebabs, paranthas from the tandoor oven, and freshly baked Indian naan bread. Of course, there is a gem of Indian cuisine - curry. From the delicacies of the hot Indian South to the dishes of the sacred North, the cuisine will tempt your nose and tongue to experiences you have never known before.

The restaurant has been located in the center of Prague since 2009, in one of the alleys behind the Municipal House. It has a small garden on the street, there is plenty of space inside. We were interested in the Indian decor, so we sat inside. We were welcomed by Czech and English-speaking staff, and the Czech lady was very nice. We admitted that we had no idea what to order because we don't know much about Indian cuisine. So she asked us about our tastes, what kind of meat we prefer, if we prefer sweeter or sharper and how hungry we are, and we were happy to get advice. As beer lovers, of course we had to try the Kingfisher Indian bottled beer, which is the number one beer in the market in India. It has been cooked for more than 150 years according to the original recipe, so that it goes as well as possible with the dishes of Indian cuisine. It wasn't bad, but you can't compare it with Czech beer, which was to be expected, Czech beer is simply top and like a true patriot I say that none can compare with our beer :) They have Czech beer on tap. There were also many non-alcoholic specialties on offer, especially exotic fruit juices, which are not very common in our country.

We started with an appetizer, we tasted the red lentil soup. Of course, it tasted different from the Czech lentil soup, we use different spices and a different type of lentil, but it was very good and filling enough. As another warm appetizer, we had a bowl of various delicacies called Pakoras. There were breaded onion rings, cheese and meat in variously seasoned legume flour batters, plus two types of dip. And for the main course, I was recommended sweet lamb in almond sauce with raisins - lamb pasanda, my husband tasted the chicken tikka masala, you can admire it in the photos, it's a shame that you can't taste and smell the aroma of different spices. To top it off, we were served spiced saffron rice and a luxurious garlic pita brot garlic naan. There was so much that we didn't have a chance to eat it all together. If you want to taste like this, I recommend setting aside more time and ordering gradually. Best in more people and each something different. Food is served in bowls and placed in the middle of the table, and everyone can then scoop onto their plate. The food was really excellent, well seasoned, the meat was soft. In addition, as you know, Indian spices are very healthy, for example turmeric is anti-inflammatory, so you are still doing something for your health.

As I personally saw, the Indian Jewel restaurant has already won a number of awards from Tripadvisor, which you can admire on the wall. And it was visited by, among others, even the famous American actor Anthony Hopkins or the former Czech president Václav Klaus! So, will you also taste the real India in Prague?

Thank you very much for the invitation to the owner of the restaurant, everyone was very nice and the food was great!

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