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These luxury tents near Venice take glamping experience accommodation to a whole different level

Address: Agriturismo - Agricampeggio, Via Accopè Fratte, 14, 30035 - Mirano - Venezia


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Do you even know what glamping is?

The word was formed by combining glamorous and camping. It can be understood as a charming or prestigious campsite, but simply a campsite for all pampered people like me, who like the comfort of hotels, but at the same time appreciate the contact with nature

This is my first experience with glamping, so in the Glamping Canonici di San Marco near the town of Mirano (Italy) they set a very high bar! If someone does not like living in a tent, that they lack the comfort of a hotel, then these tents can be boldly compared to a hotel. In the really spacious yurts you will find normal furniture, a comfortable bed, running water, and therefore a shower and a flush toilet! What's more, each tent is located in complete privacy, in the beautiful countryside of a large 17th-century Italian farm near Venice, with luxurious garden furniture, including sun loungers, and don't worry, you don't even have to cook, the price includes a generous country breakfast. And in Mirano there are also some restaurants.

About Glamping Canonici

Glamping Canonici di San Marco was founded in 2009, as the first glamping in Italy. The passion for travel and the love of nature of the owners led to the idea of ​​changing accommodation services and offering their customers something hitherto unknown - and they celebrated great success.

In 2014, glamping moved to the grounds of an amazing 17th-century farmhouse. The owners try to preserve the ancient style, so do not expect any modern but vintage style. The place remains the same, Mirano, but you are on the edge, in the fields, to the town it is about 5 minutes by car. The Venetian nobility used to have their summer residences here.

In the tents you will find decorations from the long journeys of the owners or from the ancestral heritage. And they are here in interesting, even non-traditional compositions. The tents have all the modern comforts associated with electricity and running hot water, but at the same time you will breathe the atmosphere of the past or exotic journeys. Glamping is designed as an ecologically sustainable tourism that can satisfy the need for contact with nature. Especially appreciated by people living in cities without their own house with a garden.

Ecology and design, which until recently were rather excluded, now find their place in luxury camps, where you have nature at your fingertips and at the same time have a cold drink in summer, an air-conditioned tent or a heated tent in winter, your bathroom, luxury deck chairs and a sitting area on your own terrace. But don't expect TV here.

In Glamping Canonici you can organize a weekend with exercise or yoga outdoors, there are suitable spaces for that. Or a wedding in nature or a corporate event.

And watch out! You're not just going to some glamping! The famous English newspaper The Guardian has included Glamping Canonici in the list of TOP TEN GLAMPING SITES in Europe!

The reception is located in a small building next to the homestead. There you will receive the key to the tent and the controller to the gate through which you enter the complex. Guest parking is behind the closing gate. You cannot drive to the tents by car, probably to preserve privacy and clean air. There are also natural paths, so the suitcase on wheels is, you know for what. Upon request, however, they will load your suitcases onto an electric golf cart and take them to the entrance to your tent's garden. The lady first showed us the area and then our tent. There was a calm, homely atmosphere everywhere.

And new! They just built an outdoor pool, so next time it will be an even better stay in the hot summer. It should be open in July 2022, but it didn't look like much, but it's true, they worked on it every day, so maybe.

In the photos, look at the homestead building, where breakfast is served and serves as a common room when it rains.

What tents do they offer?

There are a total of 6 tents, and in addition to them, there are also 2 suites on offer directly in the farm building, as other than in the vintage style, in the original premises. You can find information about them on their website. But we were more interested in tents, so let's go to them. Unfortunately, we can only describe our tent Bamboo in detail with photos, there were guests in the other tents, so we couldn't take pictures of them. However, photos and descriptions can be found on the glamping website (Italian and English). You can choose which one you like the most.

Luxury Tent Suite BAMBOO

We lived in this, so I will describe it in detail and you will see all the photos and video from it. In my opinion, it was the best, because it was only at the end, and had the largest and most private garden, you could lie both in the sun and in the shade, overlooking the fields and beautiful sunsets.

The tent was really big, for up to 5 people. And it smelled nice, thanks to the aroma of the diffuser. On one edge there is a bedroom, on the other a bathroom and in the middle, where there is an entrance with a lockable door, there is a spacious living room. The comfortable double bed, in which you immerse yourself completely, is logically located in the bedroom. It is separated from the living room by curtains. There are also bedside tables and lamps by the bed, and there is a table with 2 armchairs at the foot of the bed. It's actually the only indoor table. If it was bad weather and you wanted to eat inside, there is no dining table. But two can eat at that table. The bedroom has its own air conditioning and a great view of the garden. Isn't it beauty to fall asleep and watch the sunset?

The living room is really big. There are 3 single beds, in the middle there are two wicker chairs, a luxury chandelier, a refrigerator with water for free (the rest is paid), a Nespresso for capsules, replenished daily. Unfortunately, the capsules were not described and we believe that one color was tea with lemon :) There are 2 cabinets, but you can't put much into them, there are additional tent equipment, such as an umbrella, extra duvets, cushions for garden furniture and more, so we had things in our suitcases and on the couches. The living room has a second air conditioning and a pellet stove for colder days.

The bathroom is again separated by curtains. There is a luxury stone sink, toilet, bidet and shower. The shower is only happy rain from the ceiling, where you have to be careful not to spill yourself completely, but at least there were shower caps for your hair when you don't want to wash them. I was surprised that there were also luxury natural cosmetics like in a luxury hotel. Solid soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothbrushes with paste, vanity kit, bathing cap, body lotion. And because the tents are also cleaned daily, which I did not expect at all, the needs are replenished daily, as well as the towels are changed. A little bit bothered me that the light in the bathroom was not strong enough for make-up and make-up removal, I didn't see much of myself in the mirror in the evening. There is also a hair dryer.

What about the garden? A bamboo "tunnel" leads to this tent, which glows in spots after dark, and you still have a flashlight at your disposal. The tent has a large terrace with two seating areas, and you can also lie on a poster bed or on sun loungers.

Don't wait for the TV here, however the wifi works, which is great when you need to work, in fact the tent with garden is a perfect place for work, don't you want to exchange it for your office? :)

So I will summarize the equipment of the tent:

- double bed and 3 single beds

- bathroom with hot water and flush toilet

- natural cosmetics (described above) + hair dryer

- air conditioning and pellet stove

- fridge with water (gratis), other drinks for a fee

- Nespresso for capsules

- wifi

- towels and bed linen

Take a look at the photos of the tent and judge for yourself the luxury.

Luxury Tent GELSO

Wood is the main theme of this yurt. Here you will find wooden wardrobes, an ancient inlaid bed, palm-leaf lamps and an old table with a beautiful wooden fossilized washbasin (over 10,000 years old). An old column from Asia serves as a shower. The tent has a private garden with beautiful views of the century-old orchard. In the middle of the yurt is a tree under which you can sleep on a comfortable bed. So nature is not only outside, but also inside - the perfect idea of harmony.

Tent equipment:

- up to 4 people (double bed and 2 single beds)

- bathroom with shower and toilet

- luxury natural cosmetics

- air conditioning and pellet stones

- wifi

- refrigerator

Luxury Tent KAKI

A little hippie, a little gypsy, a little country, a bit of ethnic vintage taste, all with grace for lovers of freedom. Inspiration BOHO CHIC. This luxury tent is an expression of the bohemian and hippie lifestyle, which is easily mixed with ecological philosophy, full of retro vintage elements and accessories taken from Romani culture and newly interpreted. Natural materials together with warm colors and floral decorations are a masterpiece.

Tent equipment:

- the same as for the Gelso tent, also the same number of people

Luxury Tent Suite BAGOLARO

As in Africa - tribal influences are combined with colonial-style furnishings. The living room is separated from the bathroom by large white cabinets, zebra rugs and wooden animals, hand-carved chests, and a wooden folding screen. Round double bed overlooking the private garden. Just safari chic style.

Tent equipment:

- tent is suitable for up to 5 people (double bed and 3x single bed)

- bedroom and living room

- Nespresso for capsules

- air conditioning, stove, bathroom, wifi, refrigerator as in smaller tents

Tent Deluxe LE ROSE

The eccentric and decadent luxury that inspired the realization of the Deluxe "Le Rose" tent, in an eclectic style reminiscent of the early 18th century. Here, glamor mixes with nature in a vision of reuse, recycling and sustainability. The materials used are mainly velvet, satin, silk, you can admire gold accessories as well as furniture and animal details. This tent is mainly in old pink and gold and shares a private garden with the Ortensia Deluxe Tent.

Tent equipment:

- this tent is max for 2, a double bed

- bathroom and toilet

- stove and air conditioning

- Nespresso for capsules

- refrigerator

- wifi

Tent Deluxe Suite ORTENSIA

A strong tribute to nature, rich in naturalistic influences, draws inspiration from the atmosphere of forests, which is combined with the vibrant colors of hydrangea, a flower that means passion. Bark and leaves: in this suite, which offers an intimate atmosphere of peace and quiet, you will find mainly green and brown. This tent shares a garden with its sister tent Deluxe "Le Rose".

Tent equipment

- Same as the Deluxe Le Rose tent, tent for up to 2 people

How is it with food?

It is not possible to cook in tents, from the point of view of the possibility of easy setting the tent on fire I probably understand it :) However, breakfast is included in the price of accommodation, especially from local ingredients. Don't expect heaps of food here like in a huge hotel. As the total number of guests can be as much as 10-20, breakfast is prepared in this way. In the homestead building, each tent or apartment has its own table, is beautifully laid out and you can choose your food in a buffet style. Look forward to a selection of cold cuts and cheeses, fresh and dried fruit, homemade juices and jams, muesli, yoghurts, fresh pastries and sweets for coffee. There is no hot buffet, but on request they will be happy to prepare fresh coffee from the machine and eggs in every way, so you have everything fresh and prepared just for you. Breakfast was quite late, I think from 8.30, which I don't normally mind, but if you're chasing a boat in Venice or another trip, you need to get up earlier. However, everything can be arranged on request.

There is no ordinary restaurant for dinner, but about 5 minutes by car is the center of Mirano, where there are large hypermarkets and excellent restaurants, from my own experience I recommend two:

Restaurant Old Wild West

Via Cavin di Sala, 76, Mirano, Italy

There were ads everywhere, so we stopped, it's right at the main road. It will satisfy especially fans of American food. They offer various types of steaks, salads, burgers, sandwiches, seafood, Mexican dishes, children's menus and desserts. I was amused that they had our Czech Pilsner Urquell beer which is the best to steaks. The meat tasted better right away, and the steaks were delicious.

Pizzeria Myosotis

Via Cavin di Sala, 80, 30035 Mirano, Italy

The restaurants are close to each other. This is a real Italian pizzeria. Choice of a loooot of pizzas. The rest of the menu varies according to the season, but of course you will also find pasta, salads or fish. And I was especially interested in the showcase with cakes, it was hard to choose. The restaurant opens from 7 pm, although they write on Google from 6 pm. And pizza, of course, was excellent !! The prices were also favorable, not like in Venice.

What trips can be made in the area

We stayed only 3 nights, so we didn't have much time, but for a trip to Venice and the adjacent islands of Murano and Burano it is an ideal place. It is 30 km by car to Venice, the highway is not paid for that short distance, however, if you have to be somewhere on time, for example on a boat, put at least an hour and a half in reserve, in Venice there are still and everywhere brutal traffic jams, already when leaving highway. I will describe Venice in detail in a separate article.

If it rains like us and you are a fan of shopping, you can visit a huge outlet full of world-famous brands - Designer Outlet Noventa di Piave, Via Marco Polo, 1, 30020 Noventa di Piave. It is about 50 km away, just over half an hour by car on the highway.

Other nearby destinations are:

- the city of Padova (University of Padova, artistic and cultural monuments) about 35 km

- the city of Verona (Colosseum, Balcony of Juliet, historic center in UNESCO) about 100 km

- Lake Garda (Gardaland, Movieland, Aquapark) about 130 km

- the city of Bologna (historic center and famous towers, numerous arcades in UNESCO) about 140 km

So perhaps the article convinced you to visit this non-traditional accommodation and was an inspiration to you.

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