ITALY, Ratschings - Tenne Lodges 5*


A luxury hotel in the Italian Alps with experiential gastronomy, directly opposite the ski area

Address: Tenne Lodges & Chalets 5*, Bichl 51, 390 40 Ratschings, Italy


The website is in Italian, German and English.

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Hotel Tenne Lodges is located in South Tyrol, 45 km north of Bolzano. Even though it is Italy, I felt more like I was in Austria. Everyone everywhere spoke German and even the food on the slopes was more reminiscent of Austria, however, the slopes were prepared in Italian style, so luxurious. The Tenne Lodges hotel is located just outside the town of Ratschings, precisely in the village of Bichl - Colle.

Just a note for the trip. On the border of Austria with Italy, on the Brenner, there is the Outlet Center Brennero. On the way back we stopped here. The outlet is open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., you can also find well-known brands, but the outlet did not impress us much (the outlet in Salzburg is much more interesting and is also right next to the highway). But what really interested us is that, given today's high prices, there is an Outlet Market in the underground of the center - an outlet for food and drugstore goods, and it is really worth going here. There is cheap pasta, alcohol, coffee, chocolates, especially things that are on sale are worth it. So if you have space in your car, make a pit stop. And a bonus! There is a Shell petrol station at the outlet, and it was by far the cheapest petrol of the whole trip, so take a petrol here!

Tenne Lodges & Chalets

As the name suggests, you can stay in a luxury 5* mountain hotel or in luxury chalets 2 km from the hotel, which may appeal to fans of greater privacy. We were more interested in the hotel because it is directly opposite the Ratschings - Jaufen ski area, so you don't have to bother commuting anywhere.

As can be seen from the photo, the hotel pays great attention to harmony with nature. Natural materials such as wood and stone alternate here. I recommend the hotel to all mountain lovers, whether skiers or tourists, who like to relax in the hotel's luxurious wellness area after a demanding sports day, and then have a great dinner in the form of a tasting menu by chef Mike Bräutigam, who was an executive chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Definitely do not go to this hotel to lose weight! :)

I liked that a few days before departure we received a personalized email with details about the hotel, with a line for online check-in, so that we did not have to wait too long at the reception, we could indicate our special wishes or order additional services. There was also information about the ski area and how to get to the hotel. You immediately get a better feeling that the hotel really cares about its guests.


There is a larger parking lot directly opposite the hotel, but this is more for skiers. Hotel guests have underground garages included in the price. But you can't get into those without a chip. So drive almost to the end of the hotel where there is a giant boulder with a pillar next to it that says Tenne Lodges. There you can drive into the covered parking lot by the reception, which can fit 3-4 cars. I recommend leaving the luggage in the car, it is more convenient to handle it directly from the garage. Go check in and pick up your chip keys. They even asked us if we needed to park in the garage or help with our luggage. We are handy, so we managed it ourselves, there are also trolleys in the garages on which you can load more luggage, then you can take the elevator to your floor. In the garages it is possible to charge a car - a complete electric car for 30 Euros, a hybrid 15 Euros.

The ski room is right next to the reception. It can be entered both inside and outside. As soon as you have the room key (it also has a chip attached to it for the locker in the ski room, for the garage, pool and saunas), I recommend that you first unload your skis, because if you park for a while directly at the reception, you will also be parking right at the ski room. We didn't know that, so we then dragged the skis from the car up the lift and through the reception. You can save yourself a trip.


The rooms are of respectable size, more reminiscent of apartments. Each apartment is probably arranged a little differently, I was in two and they were not identical. I am describing room #329 on the third floor. The fourth highest floor has multi-room suites. The rooms are completely lined with wood and the bathroom with stone. Here you will find a kitchen that was more or less untouched, who would cook here when you have such divine dishes in the restaurant downstairs. But we welcomed a kettle and a selection of teas, as well as a Nespresso capsule coffee machine (there is cream in the fridge), all replenished daily. There are two hotplates, a fridge with freezer and a minibar (for a fee), and complete dishes. There was even sugar, salt and pepper, which I always forget at home :) Detergent, sponges and towels are also available, however, the rooms are cleaned daily, after all you are in a hotel, so they wash the dishes for you. There was always a bottle of spring water on the table, there is a spring right in the hotel. There is a dining table, a desk, we had two couches, one of which was a sofa bed (the whole family can comfortably fit here), a spacious wardrobe with a safe and a bag in which you can find treasures such as slippers and, to my surprise, rubber slippers for the wellness, bathrobes, larger sauna towels. Behind the door there are also several hangers and a shoe rack, even a spoon for shoes. There was no time for TV, but it was here, some rooms have two TVs, and you also have promotional brochures and a tablet in which you can find information about the hotel in English, German and Italian. Don't try to steal the tablet, it has a built-in GPS locator :)

The rooms also have their own balconies with a view of the slopes or the mountains on the other side (the hotel is set on a hill, but don't worry, you don't have to walk up the hill). There are tables with benches and sunbeds on the balconies.

The bed is exclusive. Large, with first-class mattresses, you have a choice of two pillows, and the bedding is very pleasant, it was like sleeping in cotton.


I have good news for all lovers of fine dining. You will definitely not go hungry here. Be sure to take half board.

Breakfast - 7.30 - 10.30 - I always say if there is good coffee, champagne, smoked salmon and fruit for breakfast, then the hotel is worthy of me :) This one had all this and much more. No lukewarm sausages and cold scrambled eggs. Hot meals are served to order. You can have eggs several ways, and several times there was a special of the day, such as eggs with truffles or eggs Benedict. And everything is free of charge. The staff also delivers hot water for tea and coffee of your choice. From the cold buffet, you can choose pastries (several types of both salty and sweet, including gluten-free), several types of butter, cheeses, salami, hams, fruit, vegetables, cereals, several types of homemade jams (also without sugar), chocolate spreads, salty spreads, several types of juices and milk (including plant-based and lactose-free). There was even a juicer and you could juice fruits and vegetables to your liking and favorite combination.

Dinner - 18.30 - 20.00 you have to sit at the table, then you can eat as long as you can, usually count 1.5-2 hours for dinner - and it's real fine dining! At breakfast, you get the evening menu and you check off what you would like to have. You always get some canapés first, then you choose a salad or warm starter, soup, main course and dessert. The choice is usually from 3 variants, always one dish was vegan. You can easily have everything and even 3 times, but I'm afraid you won't eat it, the 4 courses were enough. If later in the evening you remember that you would like to have something else, it was no problem to order something else. The kitchen is headed by Mike Bräutigam, who also worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant, and his creations are real gems. The ingredients are mostly seasonal, from local farmers.

You can go to the restaurant for dinner, even if you are not a hotel guest. However, it is necessary to reserve a table in advance. You get the same menu as hotel guests, there is no classic menu.

You can have an aperitif in the stylish bar before dinner or a digestif after dinner. Bartender Klaus Stablum will mix his signature cocktails and demonstrate their stylish preparation. For the ladies, I recommend a beautiful pink cocktail with gold, almonds, chocolate, marzipan and citrus, it is beautifully sweet and sour and is called The Lavoulie. If you would like to see the master set fire to the hotel, have a "Devils dumplings" cocktail.

You can sit with a drink at the bar, or in the lobby on beautiful couches with a burning fireplace, and there is also a separate smoking room in the style of a gentlemen's club (cigars can be purchased). You can also smoke outside on the terrace or on your balcony.

If you're still hungry during the day, the ala carte restaurant is open for lunch from 12-2 p.m. The bistro is then open from 2-6 p.m. Unfortunately, we didn't make it either because we were skiing or in the wellness area.


After skiing or hiking, a bit of rest is definitely in order, and that's exactly why there is a wonderful spa here. You will be captivated by the infinity indoor pool that extends beyond the hotel line and thanks to the glass walls you have a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains and slopes. It's big enough for a decent swim. The water in the pool is heated. On the floor above the pool there is a relaxation area with luxurious sunbeds. Walking outside one floor up, you'll pass a large outdoor hot tub, again with a luxurious view. The water was changed every day. A short distance from the whirlpool is a larger Finnish sauna, which stands alone outside and directly opposite it is the entrance to the saunas world, which is already located in the hotel. You can also go from the pool to the saunas inside the hotel, the saunas are one floor higher. Upon entering, you will be impressed by the burning fireplace and around it a relaxation area with comfortable deckchairs. Around the corner is a two person infracabin that sits in, you set it up yourself, instructions are in English or German. There is a counter with towels, a selection of teas, homemade juices, fruits, vegetables. There are toilets and showers (shared), I appreciate that one shower is covered, for those who are shy to shower naked in front of other people like me. In addition to the already mentioned Finnish sauna and infrared cabin, there is also a herbal sauna with 60 degrees and a steam sauna + a stylish snow maker. Behind the saunas there is another relaxation room with a fountain and a view of the slope. On some days of the week, sauna rituals took place in the Finnish sauna. The pool is open from the morning, the sauna and hot tub afternoon. In summer, there are also sunbathing terraces with sunbeds.

If you feel like you don't have enough sports, there is also a smaller gym with several weight machines and a cardio zone, with a view of the mountains.

It is possible to order the services of a masseur, hairdresser or beautician for a fee.

Well, I think that's all I could tell you about this luxury hotel. In the next article, I will describe the ski resort opposite the hotel - Ski area Ratschings - Jaufen.

My rating: 10 / 10

The article was created in cooperation with the PR department of Hotels Ratschings, thank you very much!

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