ITALY, Valdidentro - Nira Mountain Resort Futura 4*


Luxury apartments in the Italian Alps at the slopes, an outdoor spa area and a farm with alpacas, lots of experiences await you!

Address: Nira Mountain Resort Futura 4*, Via Nazionale 41, Isolaccia (Valdidentro), Italy


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Nira Mountain Resort Futura is located in the north of Italy near the Swiss border, in the town of Isolaccia, Valdidentro area, in the province of Sondrio, in the Valtellina valley. Get ready for a long journey if you travel from the Czech Republic. If there is no problem, the journey from Ostrava takes approx. 10 hours without stopping and is approx. 970 km, from Prague 7.5 hours and 670 km. You will travel through Austria, Germany and Switzerland through the famous Munt La Schera tunnel to Livigno. I highly recommend not going here on a Saturday, there are a number of disadvantages. The tunnel is the most expensive on Saturdays and the schedules also change, so traffic jams in both directions. In addition, in winter on Saturday mornings only departure to Switzerland is allowed, you will not get to Livigno until the afternoon. On other days there is no problem, the tunnel is open non-stop. The passage through the tunnel is one-way, the tunnel is 3.5 km long and the passage is controlled by traffic lights. The tunnel is paid for in Swiss francs (CHF). You can pay by card or Euros (but you will be refunded in francs). You can also buy a ticket online, it's a little cheaper there. However, if there is a line, you do not have the right of way, everyone is going the same way. Bicycles are not allowed here. You have to get on the bus with your bike and get transferred.

Munt La Schera tunnel prices, Livigno (IT) - La Drossa (CH):

Sunday - Friday

One-way on the net 20 CHF, on the spot 25 CHF, return on the net 35 CHF.


One-way on the net 29 CHF, on the spot 35 CHF, return on the net 42 CHF.

These are prices for the winter from December to April 2023. The ticket is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Tunnel operating hours ON SATURDAY in the winter season 2022/2023 (other days without restrictions):

00.00 - 06.00 - passable in both directions

06.00 - 09.00 - open only in the direction of Switzerland

10.00 - 18.00 - open only in the direction of Italy

18.00 - 00.00 - passage in both directions

Livigno is located in a duty-free zone. Gasoline at great prices. You can buy alcohol here, but be careful with the amount. Several times we saw the financial police on the road checking cars.

From Livigno you can export duty-free per person:

200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250 g of tobacco, 1 liter of alcohol, 2 liters of alcohol up to 15% (wine) and 16 liters of beer. Perfumes up to 400 ml. Clothing up to 300 Euros per person.

Why is Livigno a duty-free zone?

The valley was completely cut off from the world, there was no road, and it was so poor that in 1805 Napoleon Bonaparte granted it the status of a duty-free zone. Neither VAT nor consumption taxes are payable here. It is also worth buying expensive brands of perfumes and expensive clothes here (well, I will find out soon, next time I will stop here for the whole day! :) But watch out for random checks, on both sides of the border.

There is also a high mountain pass leading to Isolaccia, but the navigation chose the fastest route through the tunnel, and since it was snowing, I don't know if I would risk the pass in winter.

Nira Mountain Resort 4*

Nira Mountain Resort is not just accommodation. It is a place full of experiences. In addition to the beautiful new apartments in the style of wood, metal and stone, you can enjoy a great outdoor wellness area with whirlpools, saunas and hot tubs. Nira also has a farm with llamas and alpacas, which is a truly wonderful experience for both children and adults. Another huge bonus is the location directly opposite the cable car of the Cima Piazzi - San Colombano ski area. If that wasn't enough for you, 6 km from Nira is the ski area of Bormio (recommended for experienced skiers, quite difficult slopes), and 20 km on the other side of Livigno. We thought we would go skiing somewhere else every day, but the small resort with approx. 20 km of pistes suited us perfectly. Empty slopes, empty pubs, everyone finishes when they want, no one has to drive. If you would like to go somewhere by bus, there is a bus stop right in front of Nira.


You can park in the parking lot directly in front of Nira Mountain Resort, but each apartment also has one free parking space in the underground garage. First, park outside in a smaller private parking lot where there is a large stone pillar with the inscription Nira and go to check in at the reception desk where you will get cards from the apartments. The card allows access to the room, the ski room and the garage. You get in the car, you go back a little bit (towards Livigno), you come to a large free parking lot in front of Nira, where skiers' cars are parked during the day, and here is the entrance to the garages, it's nicely lit at night, you shouldn't miss it when you stand in front the Nira building, it's on the left. An elevator leads from the garage to the apartments. You can charge your electric car in the parking lot outside, you can also charge it in garages, the whole car for 3 Euros.


The reception is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm, so plan your arrival so that you can make it. In case of complications, you can contact Nira via Whats up, the number is directly on the website. There are very nice ladies at the reception who always try to help you with anything you need, we communicated the most with Corina (if I'm writing it wrong, I'm sorry) because she spoke English the best and she was great, always helpful, nothing was a problem and we thank her very much! At the reception, you make an appointment for a spa and a walk with llamas. There is wifi in the entire area, don't forget to ask the reception for the password.


In Nira, you can book a one-bedroom apartment (2-4 people), a two-bedroom apartment (4-6 people), a garden apartment (on the ground floor, has its own small garden, for 2 to 6 people depending on the type) or a suite. All apartments have fully equipped kitchens, coffee machine for Nespresso capsules (you only have a supply for the first evening, I recommend bringing your own capsules, or you can buy 10 capsules at the local mini market), towels, bathrobes, slippers, wifi, balcony, smart TV, bathroom, hairdryer, safe. The suites are on the top floor under the roof and there are only three, so don't delay in ordering, they are gone right away. Two suites are one-bedroom with a living room for 2-4 people, and the largest is a two-bedroom. The suites, in addition to all the equipment of the apartments, also have their own fireplaces, hot tubs on the balcony, and the largest one even has a sauna! There are 2 elevators in the building, so you don't have to drag your luggage.

So I will describe in detail our suite 403, which you can also see in the photos. We were 3 adults here, and 4 would have fit perfectly. You take the elevator all the way up, open with your card and immediately insert it into the wall behind the door so that the electricity works. There are coat racks in the hall which I appreciate. On the right, you have a spacious bathroom with shower, toilet and bidet. The bathroom is beautiful, new, with several kinds of lights, even a changing color light. As a welcome, you will find 1 vanity kit, tissues, 2 toilet papers (bring your own if there are more of you staying for several days). In addition, a large package of liquid hand soap, shampoo and shower gel - you don't need to take these, they will easily last a whole week even for 4. Everyone had a bathrobe, slippers and several towels. Every woman or man with long hair will appreciate a proper hand-held hair dryer with an ionizer.

From the entrance hall, which is separated by a glass door, you go directly into a spacious living room with a kitchen. Here, the first thing that catches your eye is the fireplace. It looks alive in the photos, but it is a backlit vaporizer that perfectly creates the illusion of a burning fireplace, but without exhaust fumes. It is connected to the water, you don't care, you just press the button. I want that one home! There is a smart TV above the fireplace. There is a very comfortable soft couch, big enough for 3-4 people, a coffee table, a work desk and a dining table. A comfortable extra bed for the 3rd adult was placed against the wall, which fit perfectly into the interior, so we didn't have to unfold and fold the couch every day.

The kitchen is fully equipped even for more complex cooking. The only thing missing here is an oven, but otherwise there is a fridge, microwave, kettle, coffee machine for Nespresso capsules, hood, dishwasher (including capsules), pots, grater and all the necessary dishes and utensils. A detergent for dishes, sponge, rag and towels are also great, you don't need to bring anything of your own. There is even a washing machine hidden in the cabinet, including washing powder.

The bedroom and living room are separated by sliding doors. In the bedroom there is a comfortable large double bed and a soft couch that could also be used to sleep on. There is also a stylish wardrobe with a safe, and another TV. Again, several types of lighting, enough plugs (normal European, Italy used to be different). Both in the bedroom and in the living room, large glass doors can be opened to the terrace.

On the terrace you will find two hanging chairs and a coffee table, even a clothes dryer. What is the bomb, however, is the private hot tub, with a great view of the mountains! So you don't even have to bother going to a shared spa.

Here, they value your privacy, so no one comes to your apartment, there is no cleaning like in a hotel. You take sorted and general waste yourself to the bins in front of the reception. If you are here for more than a week, they will clean the apartment. You can borrow an iron and an ironing board at the reception.

So, are you taking a suite or an apartment? :)

Ski room and bike room

As a proper area for athletes, Nira offers a bike room (secured). It is located next to the garage, where you can also wash or repair your bike. And the ski storage room, which is located outside in front of the reception. You open with a card. Right outside the door, you insert the card again and your locker opens. The cabinets are heated. Skis and ski boots can fit there.

Outdoor wellness area

This is truly a luxury. There is an outdoor spa area in the Nira Mountain Resort, included in the price for all residents of the apartments. Here you will find saunas, hot tubs and jacuzzi. The spa must be booked for a specific hour at the reception. Bathrobes and slippers are prepared for you in the rooms, you can get towels for the wellness area on site. You can also go to outdoor saunas in bathing suits, because there is no other way to do it here, in winter, snow is used instead of showers, and there are also families with children, so that no one is offended.

Heated boxes and transparent igloo are used for relaxation. There is also a self-service bar for total well-being, where you can stop for refreshments. We fell in love with modern bar tables where you have a fire burning in the middle. On the one hand, it looks great, but it also keeps you warm. No expense was spared on the equipment of the resort. At the bar, you can find bombardino, tea, hot wine or hot chocolate, and of course prosecco is a must in Italy.

The outdoor spa area is open daily from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


You cook for yourself in the fully equipped kitchen, there is not just an oven. Alternatively, there are several restaurants right around Nira Mountain Resort. The smaller supermarket is about a 7-minute faster walk in the direction of Livigno, right next to the main road, a short distance from the church. Crai supermarket with mixed goods, be careful on Sundays, it is only open until 1 p.m. You can find everything you need to eat here, plus a druggist.

Farm with alpacas

And the main attraction. Right next to the apartments is a building in which you will find a farm with llamas and alpacas. Every time we went off the slopes we would take a peek, they are usually out there and they are soooo cute, they always make you smile. You can take pictures and stroke them, even if they didn't like being stroked very much, you have to go at them slowly. But go to the reception and order a walk! Everyone gets their own alpaca or llama on a leash (there are only 2 llamas, they are bigger than alpacas) and you go with a guide who only spoke Italian, but that's okay, you'll understand :) The walk takes 1.5 hour, around the area in the forest, nothing difficult, but it is advisable to have sports shoes. The fee is 20 Euros per person (children under 3 years free, 3-13 years 10 Euros), but it is definitely worth it. And if you think it's just an attraction for children and you don't have to go, you're wrong. We were about 15 adults and all like little kids, it was a really great experience. And the great photos! Anyone can order a walk, not just residents of the resort.

So, as you can see, you will certainly not be bored at Nira Mountain Resort. Great vacation guaranteed!

I will describe the details of the nearby ski areas in the next article - Bormio and Cima Piazzi - San Colombano.

The article was created in cooperation with the PR department of Futura residence & resort, thank you very much!

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