Do you love Christmas lights? So you definitely have to visit this fairytale park!

Name: Park Miliona Świateł (Park of millions of lights)

Address: Srebrna 10, 41-800 Zabrze, Poland


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General information:

The Millions of Lights Park (originally Park Miliona Świateł in Poland) is located about an hour from Ostrava (85 km), a short distance from the Polish town of Gliwice, in the town of Zabrze. You drive from Ostrava on the free motorway at all times. Children will probably enjoy it the most, but we adults also enjoyed it there, given that the Christmas markets in our country were canceled and in Poland, on the contrary, they were overcrowded, we went to get a Christmas atmosphere here. A few days before Christmas, almost no one was here on weekdays, so we could take great photos without people and we felt like we were in a fairy tale.

In the winter season 2021/2022, the park is open from November 6, 2021 to February 28, 2022, Monday to Thursday from 3 pm to 9 pm, Friday to Sunday from 3 pm to 10 pm (cash desks are open from 2 pm). The exposition of this focus is the only one in the Silesian Voivodeship. If you want to find yourself in the fairy tale Snow Queen or the Ice Kingdom for a while, treat yourself to a magical spectacle of 220,000 square meters and enjoy an unforgettable visual and sound experience.

For current information, I recommend visiting the website, various events are held in the park (the website is only in Polish). Inside the park there are several attractions for children, which are paid extra, such as a slide (I don't know at all in the winter) or a children's carousel, one was outdoor and one in a covered tent.

The creator of the installations is the company Multidekor - a leader in lighting and Christmas decorations in Poland. However, the company is also known and valued abroad for its perfect lighting creations. In addition to many Polish cities, you will find their work in Moscow, Munich, Berlin, London, Paris, Belgrade, Bucharest, Dubai and Tokyo.

The second Park of Million Lights is located in the Polish city of Łódź, if anyone is closer (about 300 km from Ostrava and 3 hours on the free motorway).

Couple of tips:

- drive over a week rather than on a weekend, there will not be so many people, you will enjoy the park more

- cash desks are open from 2 pm, park from 3 pm (winter season 2021/22)

- the park opens after dark, which is logical

- about an hour is enough for the visitation, the tour is not limited by time

- do not buy a ticket online, after paying by card the ticket did not reach me at all, fortunately we explained it at the box office and after proving the payment they let us go, so to avoid this, buy on the place, you can pay by card, no queue on weekdays day

- in 2021/22, a ticket for an adult cost 29 zloty during the week, and 35 zloty on Friday to Sunday. When paying online, there was an additional fee from the company that sells the tickets, and as I wrote, the tickets did not arrive, so I do not recommend online, in addition, you must order the ticket for a certain day and hour. Children from 3-18 years pay 25 zloty during the week, 29 zloty on Friday to Sunday. Children under 3 years free and you can buy a discounted family ticket for 2 adults and two children for 100 and 120 zloty.

- for you, who are from the Ostrava, it is a short drive (an hour on the free highway, about 85 km)

- the park is the most beautiful, when is snow, dress well, it's all outside

- parking in front of the park is small, costs 5 zloty, we entered during the week, on weekends it is free in the close areas and you have to walk. However, the traffic was well organized. The parking man had a terminal in his hand, apparently it was possible to pay by card, but it is certainly better to have some zloty with you.

- there were also a few stalls with Christmas goods (about 3, but maybe more of them are open on weekends), the park cannot be considered a replacement for the Christmas sales market

- in the middle of the complex there is a restaurant where you can warm up, it was possible to pay by card, but the mulled wine was only non-alcoholic :( however, they have excellent hot chocolate with marshmallows. We waited terribly long for 2 hot drinks, around 20 minutes :(

- and yes, those polar bears will bear an adult :))

So what, did this article persuade you to visit the Ice Kingdom? Take a look at the photos below. I really recommend. It's just a pity that no more stalls were opened.

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