TURKEY, Antalya - Hotel Royal Wings 5*


Do you like a busy holiday full of fun, shopping, unlimited all inclusive? Do you like huge hotels full of people? Read the review

Address: Royal Wings Hotel, Lara Turizm Merkezi Kundu, Aksu / Antalya / Turkey 

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Royal Wings Hotel is located in the Lara / Kundu area, approximately 15 km and 15 minutes from Antalya Airport. I went here because I have already been in this area 3 times. The long coastline is surrounded by huge hotels that are all similar. The hotels have swimming pools, water slides, an amusement park, restaurants, a beach with sunbeds and a pier. And decent all inclusive programs. On the other side of the hotels inland, there are lots of shops, boutiques, bazaars, so if you want to buy clothes, handbags and everything, this is the place for you. And they are open from the morning until 11-12 p.m. However, you have to take into account that the area is very busy, especially at night, because every hotel has an animation program and there is plenty of music until two in the morning. Honestly, I didn't sleep well in this hotel. If you live at the end closer to the Sherwood Hotel, their huge air conditioning fans are very noisy there at night. Because of this, we changed the room on the second night, luckily they were very kind at the reception and changed the room for us immediately. It bothered me extremely that there is a mosque not far from the hotel, and every morning at 5.50 in the trumpets they started calling for prayer and woke me up every time, you really can't sleep with the balcony door open, music at night, and this in the morning. So you have to close and turn on the air conditioner, which, of course, hums slightly. Due to extreme lack of sleep, I would not go to this hotel again. I don't remember being so noisy in the previous 3 hotels. Unfortunately, my favorite Delphin hotel brand in the area was not available for my date. Next time I would only go there.

Royal Wings Hotel

Royal Wings Hotel from the Royal Group Hotels is a large hotel typical of the Lara area next to Antalya, Turkey, with a large garden in which a huge lagoon pool + a small children's pool are set. There are also several outdoor restaurants in the garden (or rather, they are fast food stalls), which are open at different times during the day, so that you can get something to eat whenever you feel hungry (everything is in the all inclusive program, you don't have to pay extra anywhere, the only exceptions are ala carte restaurants). You walk through the garden to the sandy beach, where there are sunbeds only for hotel guests, you can also lie on the pier. Private villas (Lagoon suites) with their own swimming pool are also located in the hotel garden (and well surrounded by greenery), if you would like privacy. In front of the hotel there is a hotel water park for both adults and children, and other pools, including an outdoor restaurant. Right next door is the hotel amusement park for smaller and larger children (or adults). Again, everything is already included in the price.

As soon as you enter the hotel, you will be captivated by the magnificent lobby with various applications up to the ceiling. The porter will immediately take your luggage and bring it to your room and show you what and how. The hotel has several fast elevators, most of which are panoramic with a view. There is also a concierge in the lobby, if you would like to arrange a trip, then there are two bars where they mix probably the best drinks in the hotel. If you would like to order a paid ala carte restaurant, it is ordered somewhat strangely from the lady on the bridge by the pools (mostly it is in the lobby and in electronic form).

Every evening, as soon as the main restaurant closes, some performance or themed entertainment (DJ, live music) starts. Unfortunately, sometimes the music played until two in the morning and at six in the morning they started shouting from the mosque. Then sleep in on vacation, right?


The hotel has a total of 457 rooms and several private villas located in a large garden. All rooms are equipped with modern electronic entry panels with a doorbell, a Do not disturb button and a Housekeeping button. Rooms are opened with cards. They all have air conditioning that you can control yourself, a minibar (within all inclusive, replenished daily), a kettle with tea and coffee, a TV, a safe, a sofa or armchair, a desk, a balcony with a seating area and a hairdryer, a bathroom with a shower, hair dryer and cosmetics in classic mini packages (hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion, vanity kit), which were not refilled by housekeeping even once!, we had to ask ourselves always. If they put large economic and ecological packages, as is common in modern hotels today, they would not have to deal with refilling. Bathrobes and slippers were also available.

Room types:

Superior Standard - 390 rooms (4 of them are also for the disabled), the rooms have a double bed and one single bed, so all these rooms are for 3 people, even if you want a double bed. A bowl of fruit and a bottle of wine will be waiting for you upon arrival. Sea or landscape view.

Family Duplex - 39 two-story rooms for families. Upstairs is a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. Downstairs there are two single beds and another bathroom. Suitable for 4 guests. You can choose a view of the sea or the countryside.

Junior Suites - 26 rooms, bedroom, living room, there is also a jacuzzi in the bedroom and each of these two rooms has its own bathroom and double bed. Suitable for 4 guests. All have sea views.

Royal suites - there are only 2, in them you will find two bedrooms and a living room. The larger bedroom with a double bed has a jacuzzi in addition to the bathroom. The second bedroom has two separate beds and a bathroom. For 4 guests.

In addition to accommodation directly in the hotel, you can also have private accommodation in Lagoon villas with their own pool, which are on the edge of the garden, quite well hidden from the others in the lush greenery. It is one long ground floor building where there are about 10-15 suites and each has direct access to the pool from the terrace. The pool is shared by all villas.

Types of suites in villas:

Honeymoon Lagoon Suites - honeymoon suite for newlyweds. 50 m², in addition to the usual equipment of the hotel rooms, you will also find a coffee machine, a well-stocked minibar, an iron and an ironing board, bathrobes, slippers, special services. Double bed, max for two adults.

Standard Lagoon Suites - 54 m², 1 double bed, 1 single bed. Max. for 3 people. Equipment same as Honeymoon suite.

Family Lagoon Suites - 84 m², 2 bedrooms (with a double bed and 2 single beds) and a living room. Max for 4 people.


To be honest, I was quite disappointed with the food. It was definitely not worthy of a 5* hotel. Both breakfast and dinner resembled a large-capacity canteen. Queues for food. Although you always found a table in the end, because the waiters really oscillated as much as they could, even with such a large number of people it was sometimes not enough. You can leave your evening dress at home, here everyone didn't care what you wear to dinner.

A big minus is that the ala carte restaurants are not included in the all-inclusive price, like in the hotels of the Delphin network. That way, people could spread out and the main restaurant didn't have to be so crowded. The surcharge for the ala carte dinner was from 20-40 Euros. As I read the menus, nothing interested me so much that I wanted to pay the money extra. And apparently no one wanted to pay, I didn't notice that the ala carte restaurants were open at all.

The good thing is that you can find some food at the hotel at any time of the day or night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the main restaurant in the hotel building, buffet style. During the day, there are several fast food restaurants in the amphitheater building, they have different opening hours, I don't know who is supposed to remember that, and I don't understand at all why, for example, ice cream was only available for about 2 hours a day and was not open all day. You could find pizza, stuffed potatoes, sweet dishes, kebabs, fries in the menu of these fast food restaurants. In another outdoor restaurant, you could have a sandwich or fruit, and in another, stuffed Turkish pancakes were baked. Once the dinners were over, a bistro was opened overnight near the reception, there were desserts and baguettes. This is excellent, because the hotel is arrived and departed from at any time of the day or night, according to the arrival of the planes. Of course, any drink is also available all day everywhere, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, including cocktails. The best cocktails were mixed by bartenders at the reception. In the same way, you can have a coffee anytime and anywhere. The minibar with soft drinks and beer in the room was replenished daily and was also included in the price.

Pools and beach

There are swimming pools in front of the hotel and behind the hotel, in the cold season it is also possible to use the indoor pool (November - March). There is an aquapark in front of the hotel, for both children and adults, there are also food stalls, and one pool is also used for swimming without someone jumping on your neck from the slide. Behind the hotel is a huge lagoon pool, which you can swim all around, over which you can walk on bridges. There is a swimming pool especially for small children. Plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas everywhere, no need to reserve. There are also enough sunbeds by the sea, all they are shaded, the first row is reserved for paid canopies. There are also a few sunbeds right on the pier. It's a pity that there was not a bar with a nice seating area, as is the case in Delphin hotels. The bar was on the beach behind the sunbeds. The beach is sandy with a gradual entrance, the sea clean. Service only took place at paid sunbeds.


In addition to the water park, there is also an amusement park in the evening, for both adults and children, all included in the price, which you will certainly appreciate, especially with children. Hotels in this area are known for their animation programs. You can work out in the pool, or play football or volleyball on the beach, there are various programs for children and in the evening you can't miss a mini disco, after dinner, before the main evening program starts outside. In my opinion, it would be nice if the evening programs ended at midnight, because it's really noisy there, and when there were 3 house parties during the week until late at night, and they still played the exact same songs, it bothered me too, and I like house style. Each hotel also has its own night club, so if the guests want to continue the fun, I think they should move there and not disturb the rest of the hotel who wants to sleep. We were also lucky at Octoberfest, where we could taste various foreign beers, unfortunately only bottled, but better than nothing. So either there was a performance in the amphitheater or some such event in the style of an outdoor disco or live music.


I have not personally been to the wellness center, but the hotel offers a Turkish bath, Thai massages, cosmetic and body care.

Pros and cons of this hotel


- the hotel offers a very decent all-inclusive program, there is always something to eat, all day and all night, drinks, including alcohol and cocktails, are always available, the price also includes a minibar with soft drinks and beer in the room, replenished daily

- plenty of sunbeds both by the pool and on the beach, you will always find a place

- a huge lagoon pool in the palm garden, which also includes a swimming pool, with a separate children's pool

- number of restaurants and bars

- rooms large enough for a comfortable stay

- a large number of shops directly in front of the hotel or turn left from the hotel towards the airport and in 15 minutes you will reach another large bazaar (boutiques)

- long bathing season May - October

- the resort was always perfectly cleaned, even though there were a huge number of people here and a lot of them made a mess here

- incredibly nice and attentive staff is probably the biggest asset of this hotel, I had the feeling that they didn't stop even for a moment and still smiled and chatted

- the hotel has its own amusement park and water park, which is already included in the price, attractions for both children and adults

- after the 2nd night of not sleeping because of the noise from the huge fans at the hotel next door, we wanted to change the room, we asked politely and without a word they changed it for us right away, here I really appreciate the willingness

- every evening a live program in the amphitheater such as Turkish dances, Michael Jackson, some competitions, Oktoberfest with a large selection of foreign bottled beers, live music, house party with projection, but there was quite a lot, it is a lively hotel

- the rooms are renovated and really nice, I still saw old photos in most travel platforms, which would have discouraged me from visiting. The blue night lighting in the rooms is great, you can see well, but you could also fall asleep with it, I've never seen that anywhere

- the hotel has 6 elevators, 4 of which are panoramic with a nice view, which is enough for such a huge hotel, we never waited long

- the hotel organizes various themed dinners such as Italian, Turkish, fish, etc. for special purposes, but don't worry, there is always some classic, if you don't eat fish. The selection is large. One counter even just for celiacs.


- there are no ala carte restaurants in all-in, you have to pay extra from 20-40 Euros, there is Italian, Chinese, fish, Turkish... I read the menus and none of them impressed me enough to make me want to pay extra. I think it's a shame that they charge extra and don't work normally in all in, the masses of people could have dispersed at dinner, almost the whole hotel was in a huge dining room at once, although you always end up finding a table, but it's a terrible crowd, in the Delphin network there were in all-in and ala carte restaurants

- not far from the hotel is a mosque, where every day at 5:50 someone started blaring into the trumpets and calling for prayer, it woke me up every morning, I just want to sleep in peace on vacation. So if you are a weak sleeper like me, so you know what you are getting into.

- if you want to go on a quiet vacation without people and without noise, don't go to Lara. The hotels are huge, with hundreds of rooms, and almost everyone has some kind of evening program until the late night, so you don't go to bed earlier, unless you don't mind loud music while sleeping

- a very small waste bin in the room, like the mini one we usually have in the bathroom

- terrible wifi signal, I have to work even on vacation. Since Turkey is not in the EU, our data plans cannot be used, and sms and calls are very expensive, so if you want to send messages to family, friends or call them via wifi, it is simply a must that the hotel has great coverage. Wifi only worked well in the room. At the pools, it dropped out several times an hour, or the data transfer was outrageously slow. When there was a greater concentration of people outside, it did not go at all, such as at evening events, as well as on almost the entire beach or pier. I appeal to the hotel management to speed up the correction of otherwise decent hotel services. This is not acceptable.


If you don't normally go to 5* hotels, you might like it here. But I am a demanding guest and I imagine something better under a 5* hotel. I was mainly disappointed by the food, something like in a canteen, the queues and the level of dress at dinner. And also a lot of noise both at night and in the morning, I slept very badly on this holiday. The tragic wifi signal, which I used to get annoyed with every day, only reassured me that some things in this hotel need to be improved a lot. I wouldn't go here anymore, but we met Czechs who go here regularly, so everyone likes something different and is used to something different. You can judge for yourself.

My rating - 7/10

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