TURKEY, Antalya - Delphin Be Grand Resort 5*


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Address: Delphin Be Grand Resort 5*, Güzeloba Mahallesi Yaşar Sobutay Bulvarı No:38 MURATPAŞA/ANTALYA, Turkey

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Official information

General hotel information

If you are at Delphin BE GRAND Resort - you are in the most luxurious, largest and fun hotel in town. The distance to the city of Antalya is 15 km and to the airport 10 km. The architectural diversity of the unique geographical location in which Delphin BE GRAND Resort is located offers you an unforgettable holiday. An area of ​​an incredible 112,000 m². The hotel was completely renovated in 2016.

The complex has 9 floors and consists of 4 blocks, boasts 837 rooms of various types, has 7 ala carte restaurants, 6 tennis courts, 10 swimming pools, 2 own water parks (1 for children, the second for adults, both already included), own amusement park (also included), spa and wellness (extra charge), fitness, bowling, mini club for children, animation programs, many bars and a huge garden. And has own beach.


The hotel has an incredible 837 rooms, where everyone can choose according to their taste and price. You can have a view of the town, the garden, the side sea view or the full sea view. And from the types of rooms you will get your head around, 11 different variants + a choice of different views!

There are 313 standard rooms called Standard Be Trendy and these are really beautiful and large, with 35 m2. Even these basic rooms contain everything you can think of, there were also toothbrushes and toothpaste, which is not a matter of course elsewhere. There is also a couch, hairdryer, toiletries, balcony, air conditioning, hairdryer, coffee and tea maker, TV, safe and more. These hotels boast that the all-inclusive program includes a free minibar in the room, with everything in it. This is also not a custom everywhere.

9 rooms are for disabled clients.

The 280 Standard Be large rooms offer an area of ​​42 m2 and contain everything you need in the previous room type.

56 Be Romantic rooms - 32 m2. They are for adults only and have a romantic look, of course with the comfort of the previous room types.

13 De Luxe Loft rooms - 41 m2. Rooms have raised ceilings and are located on the top floor of the hotel.

20 rooms of type Be Trendy Connection Room - the room consists of two rooms 2x35 m2. Each room has a double bed, a single bed and a couch, and each has a private bathroom.

110 rooms Be Family A - family rooms. Each room has 56 m2 and consists of 2 rooms. The parents' room has a double bed and a couch, the children's room has 2 single beds. This type has only a side sea view.

17 rooms of type Be Family Loft (Dublex family room) - each room has 70 m2 (4 beds and a couch in 1 room) in the form of a duplex (the room is on two floors), 2 bathrooms.

3 rooms of the Be Family B type - consists of two rooms with a total area of ​​80 m2, one with a double bed, the other with twin beds. Each has a bathroom and a sofa. Garden view only. You can only get out of the twin room.

12 Be Suite rooms - each suite has 123 m2 and consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 living room.

4 rooms of type Be Royal Dublex - has 104 m2 and 2 floors. Each bedroom has a double bed, bathroom, balcony etc. The apartment also has a sauna! The lower bedroom is through.

Restaurants and bars

8 restaurants and 12 bars. The hotel has a really luxurious all inclusive program. Everything is included in the price. Alcohol, soft drinks, food all day in all just open restaurants and bars, the price includes a minibar in the room, which is replenished daily, coffee, desserts, drinks, nuts ... just about anything you can think of. So after the holiday +5 kg :))) At the pools and beaches there are more bars, including one main outdoor restaurant with a large number of tables, dishes in the form of buffet and here you can go in a swimsuit. The restaurant is only open for lunch. In the evening there is an entertainment program at this place.

The main restaurant, where only one does not have to order dinner, consists of a long corridor, where all the dishes of your choice are located, including various dishes for allergy sufferers, or a special buffet for children. Drinks are served, included, including alcohol. There are 7 rooms on the sides as dining rooms, one is especially for adults and one for children, the rest is a mix. There is also an outdoor terrace. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here. You can't just go here in a swimsuit and slippers. If you want to go in a swimsuit, there are also outdoor restaurants in the style of gardens, which do not look at the dress code. But in the evening, men's long pants are required everywhere. Although some did not solve it.

Other restaurants are a la carte (you choose from the menu, there is always only a few dishes, it's not like a normal restaurant), and it is necessary to order in advance, they are quite small, only a few tables. In the high season, some are ordered for a few days in advance, so I recommend looking around and immediately upon arrival at the hotel to go to the restaurant according to your taste. There is such a machine in the lobby, it looks like a slot machine. And if you don't like the selected food or don't like it (which will probably be difficult), you can always go to the main restaurant, where is buffet. In ala carte restaurants, people usually stick to the dress code more strictly than in the main restaurant. It's an event, the tables are romantically set, the waiters serve you, the menu is multi-course. And what can you taste?

Jaipo - Mexican restaurant

Sakura - Far East

Atalantes - Greek restaurant

Ristorante Rugiano - Italian restaurant

Ikat - meat and wine

Sultan - Turkish restaurant

Mermaid - Seafood restaurant

Sports and beach

The hotel has 10 pools, large, and even though the hotel was full, we felt like we were there alone. One of them is for adults only and there is peace, no animation programs. Each pool is always full of free sunbeds. And usually has a bar.

Perfect was own water park, one smaller for children and one quite decent for adults, with several attractions, and no queues, you will get full. And you don't pay anything extra.

There are also 6 tennis courts, football field, 4 beach volleyball courts, table tennis, fitness center, Pilates room, water gymnastics, water sports (for a fee).

There is a smaller amusement park for evening entertainment, so it is mainly for children, but we also rode a smaller ferris wheel, again included in the price. There is also a gaming room (for a fee) and a cinema (free), but we did not try. You can also enjoy bowling, billiards, darts, game consoles for addicts (for a fee). Do you still think you can be bored?

The beach is sandy and due to the vastness of the area you can walk to it through a beautiful garden for a few minutes, with many refreshment stops. Sunbeds do not need to be blocked anywhere, there are plenty of them and they are included, at most if you want to be on the beach in the first row, you may be unlucky, but especially I recommend getting up and blocking sunbeds directly on the pier, which is already in the sea. There are only a few sunbeds, so it doesn't always work out. However, you have a luxurious view of the boats, you have a bar right behind your head, and you can jump over the head from the pier, there is already a lot of water (ladies uo the ladder haha). There are a few paid places on both the pier and the beach, and these are the four-poster beds.

(source:  www.delphinhotel.com/en/delphin-be-grand-resort) and my notes

Hotel review

So what else to add? We have been in a total of three Delphin hotels in the Antalya region, this one is the best and the largest. We know from experience that no matter which one you choose, you will not make a mistake. The hotels are beautiful, with beautiful gardens and beaches, excellent food and all have this great all inclusive program, where almost everything is already included, and you have something to eat and drink all day. For example, the kebab stand closes, the potato stand opens, or coffee and desserts are served ... you need to study what is when open, but you gain weight rather than starve to death. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, are already included, and even a minibar in the room, with everything in it.

You don't have to argue with anyone about sunbeds, there are plenty of them everywhere. Amusement parks and slides are in all Delphin hotels, but such a large water park was only here. Likewise, there were not so many pools and such a huge garden elsewhere. Disco or concerts, were held there on some evenings.

The hotel is also well located, close to the airport, so if you take a taxi from the airport, it does not ruin you, you are close to Antalya, where you can reach by boat, and right next to the hotel there are many shopping opportunities, especially that is, clothes, but also other things.

My recommendation - definitely visit! In any Delphin hotel, depending on your financial means, you will have plenty of everything. Again, I can't think of anything to complain about.

My rating - 10 of 10

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