Do you like heights and a bit of adrenaline? Visit the Biokovo Skywalk with a transparent floor at the Makarska

Name: Skywalk Biokovo

Address: Biokovska cesta, 21325, Makarska, Croatia


The website is only in Croatian and English.

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Biokovo is a limestone mountain range in Croatia, in the Split-Dalmatia County, and is the second highest in Croatia (the highest is the Dinaric Mountains). The highest peak of Biokovo is Sveti Jure (1762 m). It towers over Makarska and for a fee you can even drive up to the top by car on the road from Tučepi. Part of the mountain range is protected as a natural park, which is rich in flora, you will find over 1000 species of plants here. Biokovo Park is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. for safety reasons. There are many trails for hikers, but from the sea be prepared for a lot of elevation gain, the hills rise really steeply.

That was only very briefly, when we go on a hike here in person, I will describe in more details.

Biokovo Skywalk

Biokovo Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped viewing platform with a glass floor. It juts up to 8.5m over the edge of the cliff, so you feel like you're standing in the air. The slope below it is really steep, after all, you are still quite a bit from the sea at a height of 1228 m. If the weather is good, you have a beautiful view of the sea and the islands. If you are clairvoyant, it is said that you can see as far as Italy. I would need at least the Hubble telescope for that. The structure of the platform is made of prestressed concrete and a steel and glass structure rests on it. I will surely reassure you with this sentence: ....due to the unfavorable geomechanical properties of the soil, the proximity of fault lines, earthquake zones and strong winds....(that's why such a structure), and that it was windy there! I was afraid that my mobile phone would fall out of my hand while taking pictures by the railing. Don't worry, it's still nothing to drive to the viewpoint at all! Haha.

You can reach the Skywalk from the Biokovo road, which starts at the entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park, about 6 km east of Makarska, and leads to the highest peak of Sv. Jure (St. George) at an altitude of 1,762 meters, which makes it the highest paved road in Croatia.

Rules for entering the platform from the official website. But if you think that someone checked it there in September, in the strong wind and cold.... The information booth was also closed. So the rules:

- observe the mandatory direction of movement

- the maximum stay on the glass platform is 10 minutes

- the maximum number of visitors present on the glass platform at the same time is 30

- cycling and cycling shoes on the glass platform are strictly prohibited

- shoe covers are mandatory

- put the shoe covers in a suitable container after use

Maybe in the peak season in the summer this works, but we could stay on the platform as long as we wanted, we were even there 2 times, because there was no one on it on the way back, that doesn't happen often, maybe 30 people were there all day, I didn't see shoe covers anywhere, I only saw one cyclist take off her shoes. Some did not hesitate to take pictures on the platform also with the bikes. But it was really foggy, windy and cold, so everyone took a quick photo and disappeared.

Personal experience

Where to buy tickets

Tickets are purchased online on the website. Don't buy them too far in advance, the weather there changes from hour to hour, those who intend to go there by bike or on foot have half the price of tickets. But the hill is terrible, I admire everyone who climbed it on that bike and without electricity. They were mostly Czechs :) You can also buy tickets at the place in front of the barrier, which is not mentioned on the website, but you risk that if there are already 20 cars with tickets bought in advance, they will not let you up, and in the summer season I would definitely she didn't risk it. We were at the end of September. Motorcyclists and cyclists mainly bought tickets on the spot, they are not subject to the number limit. You stand in line, they check your ticket and you wait for a whole hour, they open the barrier and for about 8 km and about 35 minutes you climb up steep, narrow serpentines.

You pay to enter the park, not the viewpoint, and there's no time limit in the park, so you can go to the Skywalk (there's a parking right next to it), then continue up the ridge to other viewpoints, and on your way back, you can go to Skywalk again, maybe when you're waiting for better weather or there might just be less people. There are no refreshments at the top, only chemical toilets, the only restaurant is on the way to the viewpoint.


If you don't like heights and you don't like driving on narrow switchbacks where it's really difficult to avoid oncoming cars, you'd better not drive here. Or take advantage of the tour and go by minibus with a professional driver. Even if you order tickets for a specific hour, they let 20 cars up at a time, bikes and motorbikes get involved, there is total indiscipline from top to bottom, you have to avoid them somehow. There are places to avoid, but it's still narrow.

When you go down, I recommend waiting in the parking lot by the Skywalk until the people from the bottom go up, which will be about half, and then go down as soon as the parking lot is full, at this time you are least likely to meet someone in the opposite direction. It doesn't end with the Skywalk, at the top you can drive to 2 more viewpoints, and there is also a restaurant, so the drive down is quite chaotic. And in addition to paying customers, they let employees up at any time, so chaos too. Those mountains are really high, around 1200 m above sea level, you better take a jacket, the weather changed brutally within an hour and it got colder by 15 degrees, the sun was 24 by the sea, the wind, fog at the top.

Well, I hope I didn't discourage you completely, it will be a wonderful experience for lovers of heights, but you'd better know in advance what you're getting into :) We liked it much more down in the town of Makarska, nice by the sea, on a flat, in a warm place :) And we breathed a sigh of relief that we survived haha.

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